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School Project in Zimbabwe

School Project in Zimbabwe

The Need: A Place to Learn

World Help’s lead partner in Zimbabwe has identified 300 children who are currently gathering for school under a ramshackle tin structure that can barely pass as a shelter.

There are no proper walls, making it impossible to avoid the elements. Dirt floors create a host of problems, including flooding, making the area a hotbed for disease during prolonged wet conditions. As a result, school is often canceled for days on end.

They have no supplies and share a few ill-suited books between all ages and grade levels. To make matters worse, the lack of adequate supplies makes it next to impossible to keep skilled teachers in the classroom.

Despite these setbacks, many of these children walk for miles without shoes, simply for the chance to learn. But without a proper meeting place and the resources to grow, these 300 children will suffer the fate of so many before them . . . falling through the cracks of a broken educational system into the grip of poverty.

The Opportunity

The cost to fully furnish and outfit the school is $6,600. Your gifts, along with the gifts of many others, can help create a safe haven where learning can take place and lives can be changed by providing:

· Desks and bench seats
· Chalkboards and pull-down charts
· Textbooks for all grade levels
· Writing utensils, paper, and other basic supplies

Any gift—big or small—makes a difference. Please join us in providing Zimbabwe’s next generation with the chance to escape poverty through the doorway of education.


· 1.4 million—over 15 percent of the adult population—is living with AIDS
· Nearly a million children have been orphaned by AIDS, losing one or both parents
· Life expectancy: 50 years, one of the lowest in the world
· Only about half of all secondary-age children attend school

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