Gifts of Hope

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Gifts of Hope

World Help is dedicated to bringing about the greatest change in the most effective way possible. Along with our donors, we strive for penetrating impact. And this Christmas, we are doing just that by joining with compassionate men and women with the vision to touch thousands around the world through Gifts of Hope.

These gifts are strategic, everyday solutions to some of life’s most pressing needs. Through our work in impoverished countries, we have seen the profound need for sustainable solutions. Providing temporary relief is not enough. Deep investment alone will bring about lasting change.

For impoverished families and communities, our thorough involvement and care directly translates into immediate and continual well-being. Water, shoes, medicine . . . we can take each of these things for granted. But for someone without them, they are incredible blessings. Nehemi’s story is just one example of how Gifts of Hope are making a deep-felt difference:

My name is Nehemi Lalnunsiem. I have been [at the] Gilgal [children’s home] since I was a small girl. My early years [at the home] were hard, especially the winters . . . I can still remember those cold winters. [The home] did not have proper blankets at that time. All we had were some thin clothes that were little better than rags. My feet used to be so cold that I wore all the socks that I found. All my sisters with me faced the same cold and we all tried finding our own means of keeping warm. Sometimes we would huddle together in one bed and share all that we have just to keep warm. [Our caretaker] would tell us to put on as many clothes as we could to keep from the cold. Those winters are very terrible and thinking of them even now makes me cold.

Then, God heard our prayers and supplied our needs through World Help, and we got our first mink blankets to keep ourselves warm. How we praise God for the blankets!

Those ugly winters have become lovely ones with the help of World Help. And I no longer have to struggle at night and dread the cold of the early morning hours. I always get enough rest at night because I sleep in warmth and don’t have to wake up every now and then because of cold. December holidays are also full of fun and I can enjoy Christmas to the fullest without having to bother about the cold one bit.”

What Gifts of Hope represents may seem small, but to their recipients, they are profound. World Help has seen the inexpressible joy of children receiving Christmas for an Orphan boxes, the humble awe of persecuted church planters as they grasp their very own Bible, the peace in the eyes of mothers whose children receive life-saving medical care, and so many others who are touched by these simple provisions.

They are plain and straightforward, but they are changing lives.

As the upcoming season of giving quickly approaches, will you consider sharing the power of hope through Gifts of Hope? Visit to browse our catalog, and make a lasting difference this Christmas.


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