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International Merchandise

Indian Foldover Clutch $25
Miniature Basket Ornament $10
Mahogany Bead Necklace $30
Indian Table Runner $45
Peruvian Spin Drum $15
Hand-woven Rwandan Baskets $40
Hand-woven Earrings - Magenta $12
Messenger Bag $20
Ugandan Beaded Bracelet $12
Indonesian Manik Necklace $30
Hand-Carved African Nativity $50
Hand-Woven Earrings - Blue $12
Guatemalan Hacky Sacks $10
Rwandan Wristlet $20
Rwandan Bracelet $10
Nepali Felt Bags $10
Rwandan Elephant Bag $35
Philippine Fish Purse $15
Nepali Scarves $15
Acholi Necklace $20
Rwandan Peace Basket $45
Rwandan Messenger Bag $40
Nepali Elephant Purse $10
Woolen Hat - Child $20
Philippine Clutch $15
Paper Necklace $10
Accessory Pack $10
Ugandan Animals - Elephants $5
Finger Puppet Purse $15
Guatemalan Friendship Bracelets $10

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