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Give one more gift this year!

  • December 26, 2017
Kelsey Campbell

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We hope your Christmas was full of laughter, happiness, and love! It’s truly a beautiful season filled with joy. But for many girls and young women around our world, Christmas is just another day of work in the sex industry.

There’s no peace. There’s no joy. There’s no hope.

But it’s not too late to help break the chains of poverty and injustice for someone in need this year. There’s still time to free a girl from sexual slavery.


You have one week left to give before the year is over. And don’t forget that all gifts given before midnight Dec. 31 (EST) are tax-deductible for 2017. But, most importantly, the gift you give will impact the life of a girl trapped in the sex industry of Thailand or India.

Girls from poor, rural villages in Thailand are often lured to the big cities with promises that they’ll make enough money in the bars to provide for their families. A young woman may start out as a waitress, but she’ll soon be pushed into selling her body instead.

And in the Banchara community of India, girls as young as 12 are forced into sex work to pay for their brothers’ marriage dowries. Most of them will have to work the majority of their lives to pay off this debt.

But all it takes is $50 to help give one girl access to a fresh start and a new future! Your gift will provide her with a safe place to live, an education, and spiritual support — all the tools she needs to regain her freedom.

And right now — thanks to a generous donor — every gift given before midnight Dec. 31 (EST) will be matched up to $60,000! So when you give $50 to help a girl regain her freedom from sexual slavery, another $50 will be donated to help meet urgent needs around the world.

Whether this year has been a challenging one for you or these past 12 months have been full of celebration, you can make this year one to remember… the year you gave the gift of freedom! Give one more gift during 2017 that outlives you and lasts for eternity.

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