God’s Word for Children, A Gift that Lasts

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God’s Word for Children, A Gift that Lasts

Bible distribution has been a foundational commitment to World Help’s mission for more than 20 years. We know that God’s Word lasts forever . . . and that it is always in demand.

Right now, the need for Bibles in the Middle East is abundantly clear.

Iraqi refugee boys - World Help

Countless families have been torn apart by religious extremism and civil war, which has spilled over Syria’s border into neighboring nations. Millions have been driven from their homes by militant groups, leaving with only their lives and the clothes on their backs. Now, they are living in abandoned buildings, overcrowded refugee camps, and tent cities. Their days are filled with desperate thoughts and prayers of survival . . . for some form of hope.

And it’s safe to say, the children have been dealt the deepest blow. Today, an entire generation of Middle Eastern children is living with unthinkable trauma while their worlds continue to spin out of control.

Iraqi refugee boy - World Help

Along with round-the-clock relief efforts, we also understand the urgent need for spiritual resources. And we desperately need your help to fill this need as well.

Watch Give | Illustrated Children’s Storybook Bibles from World Help on Vimeo.

With the help of our international partners on the ground in the Middle East, we have been able to distribute hundreds of thousands of illustrated children’s storybook Bibles. These booklets are written in a cultural context that Middle Eastern children can easily understand.

We recently received this photo and message from one of our Middle Eastern partners. Take a moment to reflect on the significance of his message.

Syrian child with Bible - World Help

Many of the [storybooks] are being distributed with [Christmas gift] shoe boxes. This photo shows a Syrian refugee boy who received both a shoebox and [storybook Bible]. The boy went right for the book and avoided opening the shoebox full of gifts until after he read the book. A quote from a Lebanese “friend” commented by saying, ‘Syrian refugee children opened their booklets, started reading them, and didn’t pay attention to the gift boxes given to them at the same time. Wow!’

I can’t imagine the Gospel message found in these books not making an impact. God is raising up a body of children who will change the face of the Syrian nation.

It costs only $1 to print and distribute one of these Bibles. And it is estimated that each storybook will reach at least four children. Can you imagine the impact we can make together through such a small investment?

  • A gift of $100 impacts 400 children with the hope of the Gospel
  • A gift of $500 impacts 2,000 children with the hope of the Gospel
  • A gift of $1,000 impacts 4,000 children with the hope of the Gospel

The hope we can share in the Middle East—especially with children—has never been more real.

And all it takes is $1 to impact a life! Will you help us reach suffering refugee children with the promises and comfort of God’s Word this Christmas? It’s a decision that will outlive you and last for eternity.

Bibles for the Middle East

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