Heads Up . . . Giving Tuesday is Next Week!

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Heads Up . . . Giving Tuesday is Next Week!

During the Christmas season, we can’t help but reflect on the excitement and joy of giving.

God gave us the greatest example of giving when He gave us the precious gift of Christ . . . a gift that literally changed the world forever.

What if we chose to give a gift that reached far beyond our immediate circles . . . our family, friends, and coworkers?

Refugee Relief - World Help

Will you partner with us in bringing hope, healing, and tangible help to refugees in the Middle East this Giving Tuesday?

On December 1, charities, families, businesses, communities, and students will join forces in a global day of giving to the very people Jesus came to serve—the widows, the orphans, the sick, the desperate, and the hopeless.

Giving Tuesday allows us to emulate Christ’s example by giving physical healing and spiritual hope—a truly powerful gift—to those suffering in the refugee crisis.

The greatest gift you can offer to those in desperate need is a reason to HOPE. Share about Giving Tuesday with your community . . . you might be surprised how many people will get involved because of you!

Middle Eastern Refugee Relief - World Help

Let’s change the world through our generosity this #GivingTuesday!

To learn more about our work with Middle Eastern refugee relief, visit worldhelp.net/crisis.

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