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How can I send extra gifts to my sponsored child for holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, or for special occasions like their birthday?

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May 23, 2014

There are several times throughout the year when you might want to send an extra gift to your sponsored child. This could be for holidays or for your child’s birthday. No matter what you send, your gift is sure to be appreciated! There are multiple ways to provide extra gifts for special occasions. You may donate financially, or send a letter or small package.

If you send an extra financial contribution, your gift will go toward a special events fund. While we are unable to give financial gifts directly to your sponsored child, your extra gift will be used by our partner at your child’s program to directly impact your child. For example, if you send an extra gift at Christmas time, this will allow our partner to host a special Christmas celebration for the children in the program.

During the year, you will receive customized birthday and Christmas cards encouraging you to send a special message to your child. Or if you would like to send your own card or include a small package with your letter, we have a great webpage for you, full of ideas, listed below. It details what you can send, what items to avoid, and where to send everything.

One important thing to keep in mind is that cards and packages can take up to eight weeks to reach your child. To ensure that any gift arrives on time, be sure to send the gift well in advance.

Celebrate your child’s birthday!

Send a gift to your child!


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