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Why can’t I send monetary gifts directly to my child?

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Aug 01, 2014

We believe the best way to administer assistance to the children in our sponsorship programs is through the work of our in-country partners. Our partners focus on providing the most essential needs in each community, maximizing the impact of sponsors’ financial gifts.

When a child is sponsored, the funds go toward the child’s program, which directly impacts the sponsored child, their family, and their community. This allows for all the children in the program—including those without current sponsors—to receive the love and care they need.

Direct financial gifts can cause issues of jealousy among the children and can put the child who receives the monetary gift in danger. Additionally, the effectiveness and sustainability of direct financial gifts is very difficult to monitor.

You are always more than welcome to donate above and beyond your normal gift, as it will have a huge impact on your child and their community. Any additional gifts can be allotted to your child’s program through our birthday or Christmas funds, or you can give to other areas in need through our Gifts of Hope page.


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