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Her Freedom. Your Fight.

  • April 10, 2017
Mandi Corbett

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There is one battle every person faces, regardless of race, gender, and geographical location — the battle over true identity. 

Throughout our lives, we all encounter attacks against our identity — we fight lies that we don’t belong, that we aren’t good enough, and that we aren’t loved by God. 

Who helped you overcome these lies? Who taught you how to find your true identity in Christ?

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have someone show them they are valued for who they are.

For example, a young girl in the Banchara community of India is taught her life’s purpose is to provide for her family — no matter how great the cost. She doesn’t dream about her future. She’s known since age 5 that she’s destined for a life in the sex industry. 

She endures unimaginable emotional and physical abuse in an attempt to win the approval of her family, and the money she earns defines her worth and identity.

But you have the power to change that.

Someone fought on your behalf … and now you have the chance to fight for someone else.

You can fight for freedom in two powerful ways:

1. Fight for freedom in Thailand

Human trafficking is accepted as a cultural norm in Thailand. Most women lack access to education and employment opportunities, making the sex industry their only hope for survival.

But with your support, a young woman is given the chance to stay at a Freedom Center where she can start over and dream about what she will become. 

Your gift will help provide girls with a quality education, vocational opportunities, medical care, trauma counseling and rehabilitation, and the chance to learn about God’s love.

2. Fight for freedom in India

In the Banchara tribe, the oldest daughter in every family begins her work in the sex trade at age 12. It’s a tradition known as Nari Mata — a cultural practice that has stolen young girls’ lives for centuries.

But you can help a young girl escape the practice of child prostitution. You can help her become part of a Freedom Community where she will have the chance to receive a quality education, hear about the love of Christ, and receive the tools she needs to live a better life. 

You can break this destructive cycle and unlock the dreams of one woman’s heart. 

True freedom extends beyond a young woman’s circumstances … it means she knows her identity as a treasured daughter of God. By giving toward freedom projects in Thailand or India, you can help one girl escape a life of sexual slavery and discover her true worth.

Will you fight for her freedom today?

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