Hope Restored: Changing Lives in Rwanda

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Hope Restored: Changing Lives in Rwanda

Charlotte is a 23-year-old young woman who has lived a life of hardship, not unlike thousands of other women and children in Rwanda. After her father died, Charlotte and her mother were left in extreme poverty. Their lives were miserable, as each day became a struggle just to survive. Food was limited, a regular income was nonexistent, and basic necessities were scarce. Charlotte knew that something needed to change . . . life could not go on like this.

CHARLOTTE - Vocational Student

After Liliose’s  father passed away, she and her mother were left to provide for their family by means of their small farm. Without much of a harvest to sell after feeding their family, they frequently found themselves unable to purchase even the most basic necessities. For many years, Liliose was reminded daily of how desperately she desired to have the opportunity and ability to make a difference for her family and for her own future.

LILIOSE - Vocational Student

These two lives, plagued with hardship, can be traced back 20 years to when more than 800,000 Rwandans lost their lives over the course of the 100-day genocide. This atrocity left men and women struggling every day in order to provide for their families with no experience to aid them in securing a job. The extreme poverty they live in drains them of any hope for a better future. But today, Charlotte and Liliose, along with many other men and women, have been given another chance . . .  their hope is now restored.

Through the help of vocational training, specialized training in specific trades is offered in an effort to change the course of hundreds of lives. Liliose and Charlotte are specifically participating in tailoring school where they are trained not only with the skills to obtain a job with a steady income, but also with the skills needed to teach others.

This vocational school in Rwanda not only offers a tailoring program but also training in catering, welding, carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and computer skills. These classes enable men and women to gain enough experience to begin their own business or a specific trade to support themselves.

Tailoring Degree - Vocational Training

Because of this vocational training program, the cycle of poverty will no longer dictate their futures. Charlotte testified that her lifestyle has changed dramatically since beginning her training in tailoring. She now has knowledge and skills that are enabling her to help her family. She no longer has to worry about where her next meal will come from or how she will replace her tattered clothing . . . her life has forever changed.

Charlotte and Liliose are now able to provide for their families. They can also aid their community with their newly learned skills. You can help others, just like Charlotte and Liliose, by partnering with us in our commitment and passion to Rebuild Rwanda. Share in the joy of hope restored as these men and women change the course of their lives . . . the lives of their families . . . and even their entire communities.

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