Hope: What Christmas is All About

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Hope: What Christmas is All About

High in the mountains of Guatemala, the rain steadily falls. Clouds of vapor rise to the treetops, forming a steamy fog around a tiny mud hut on a hill.

This is Alejandra’s home.

Guatemala Small HouseThirteen family members huddle under the tin roof trying to escape the downpour. Alejandra’s parents talk in a corner wondering how they will be able to feed their children another day . . . wondering if their youngest, Alejandra, will make it through the night. Out of all of them, she is suffering the most.

Born with Down’s syndrome and various mental and physical disabilities, Alejandra’s needs are extensive. With very little to eat, Alejandra grows weaker by the day, and she has developed a bad case of pneumonia. As her mother holds her close, Alejandra’s coughing grows worse while her tiny body shakes.

Our rescue team traveled for hours in the pouring rain to reach Alejandra’s village finding sick and dying babies in several homes before reaching the tiny hut. Alejandra’s hope had arrived . . . just in time.

It’s children like Alejandra—children who are last in line in society—who make every effort and every rescue worth the fight. In moments where life and death are sometimes only separated by hours and minutes, every child’s story is a picture of what real hope looks like.

You can be a part of that hope this Christmas by helping us rescue 1,000 lives by the end of the year.

Just think: By investing only a few minutes of your time, you can help save lives this Christmas. There are so many ways to get involved—from advocating on social media to setting up a personal campaign goal—and every effort matters.

Whether you’re giving a few dollars from your wallet or a few hours of your time, we need your help to reach our goal, and most important, to rescue children who are waiting for hope to arrive. And hope is what Christmas is all about.

Join me in saving 1,000 lives today!

Watch A Year of Hope – Operation Baby Rescue on Vimeo.


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