How One Incredible Church Put Their Love On The Map

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How One Incredible Church Put Their Love On The Map

Lallawmthang’s hoe cut rhythmically into the sandy soil, uprooting the weeds that had grown over the empty rows between the crops he had planted earlier in the season. He began to feel the familiar dull ache in his weary shoulders after a full day of continuous motion.


This was not his field, but he was still happy to have work. His family relied on his daily wages just to eat. It was a desperate cycle—especially during dry seasons when work was scarce.

But thanks to a life-changing gift, Lallawmthang and his family are finally able to live sustainably. He is one of 10 farmers in Churachandpur in India’s eastern state of Manipur that received seeds and tools through the 2014 World Help Gifts initiative.

Gardendale First Baptist Church in India

Lallawmthang’s family can now grow a “kitchen garden” with the seeds that were provided—seasonally changing vegetables that will sustain them year round. Rather than using all of Lallawmthang’s wages for food, the family can now rely on the vegetables they grow themselves, and any money earned can be used for needs like medical care and school fees.

The gifts given to these farmers in Churachandpur were funded by Gardendale First Baptist Church in Alabama, a body of believers that has shared the love of Christ around the world. From caring for farming families in Manipur, India, to investing in medical care for children to providing clean water in Guatemala—this church family has put their love on the map.

Sustainable agriculture - World Help

The farmers were nearly in tears as the team handed out the [tools] and seeds. It was obvious how much this meant to these men and women.” – Mark Hogsed, Vice President of International Programs

Because of the faith and sacrificial giving of Gardendale First Baptist Church, individuals like Lallawmthang—though they have never met—can grasp the tangible expression of Christ-like love.

This year on Valentine’s Day, we’re inviting friends and supporters to do the same . . . to share the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth . . . to put your love on the map.

This holiday is about celebrating the ones we hold dear. But why contain it to just a few people? We want to share love with as many communities as we can, and there are a lot of ways to do just that, whether through giving, prayer, advocacy, fundraising, blogging, or more!

Discover the ways you can put your love on the map this Valentine’s Day.


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