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How Sponsorship Works

How sponsorship works begins with YOU . . . when you make the decision to sponsor a child, you are providing that child the help he needs for today and hope for a brighter future.

Through your investment, you are providing your child, and other children in his program, access to things like basic necessities, education, and the opportunity to learn about God’s love.

World Help believes that when you invest in one child, there is a ripple effect that touches your child’s family, community . . . and ultimately the world.

Types of Children’s Programs

World Help’s Child Sponsorship program is unique in that we have a variety of different programs implemented in impoverished communities around the world. There are four core program types we partner with:

Children’s Homes

Family-Help Programs

Community Programs


Each program is designed specifically to provide for the key needs within their community.

Included on the back of your child’s biography, which every new sponsor will receive, is an overview of the child’s specific program and what needs are being met through that program.

What Will I Receive During My Sponsorship?

Annual Updates

Each year, you will receive an annual update on your sponsored child. This update will include a recent photo and letter from your sponsored child.
Program Updates
Our local program coordinators will also send out occasional updates on what is going on in your sponsored child’s specific program. This will give you an opportunity to see the bigger picture of what your child experiences daily and how to pray alongside our staff and partners.
Special Projects
At special times throughout the year, the Child Sponsorship Program creates unique letters for you to send to your sponsored child. These letters will also give you the opportunity to give an extra financial gift to help with things like additional school supplies, Christmas programs, and children’s birthday parties.

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