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We currently have food, clothes, medical supplies, and other donations sitting in our warehouse — but we need your help to ship them to the people who need them! Every $1 you give sends $33 worth of lifesaving aid to someone in need. That means your gift multiplies to make an even bigger impact.

When you give to ship an entire container, you’ll receive consistent communication telling you the status of the container you helped ship. You’ll even hear stories from people who benefited thanks to your donation.

Want to do more to provide lifesaving supplies to people in need as soon as possible?

You also can donate physical items to ship to impoverished communities around the world. Learn more by clicking here.

Does your organization work internationally and need material assistance?

Submit the form through this link and the Humanitarian Aid team will respond within 48 hours.

How your gifts will help

Famine relief

When famine strikes, children suffer the worst. Extreme hunger can cause a child to develop lifelong health problems and can even lead to death. But when you provide food, you can help feed starving children — allowing them to grow healthy and strong. Learn more

Refugee relief

Refugees fleeing violence often have to leave everything behind. Without jobs, they can’t afford necessities such as food, medical supplies, and clothes. By providing these items, you help refugees stay alive and provide hope in the midst of a scary, uncertain future. Learn more

Disaster relief

Disasters come suddenly and often leave people on the brink of death. But your gift will help ensure they receive food, medical equipment, and other lifesaving supplies as soon as possible. You help people survive and rebuild their lives. Learn more

Countries that receive aid

Icon illustration of Guatemala



About six in 10 Guatemalans live below the poverty line with even higher rates in the remote mountain villages.

Icon illustration of Nicaragua



An ongoing economic crisis has left many families unable to afford food and other daily needs.

Icon illustration of Cuba



Cuba’s location makes it vulnerable to devastating hurricanes that can leave people without access to food and clean water.

Icon illustration of Iraq



Widespread violence has displaced many from their homes and created massive food shortages.

Icon illustration of Uganda



Uganda is home to many South Sudanese refugees, including orphaned children who have no way to provide for themselves.

Icon illustration of Nepal



Nepal is the second poorest nation in Asia and is also ranked among the most impoverished countries in the world.

Icon illustration of Honduras



This is the second poorest country in Central America, leading to an alarmingly high child mortality rate.

Icon illustration of Haiti



One in every five children in this extremely impoverished nation is malnourished.

Icon illustration of Rwanda



More than half of all Rwandans live in extreme poverty, struggling to survive on less than $1.25 per day.

Icon illustration of Peru



People living in remote villages along the Amazon River lack basic medical care, clean water, and other essentials.

Icon illustration of Zimbabwe



Approximately 72 percent of Zimbabwe’s population live in poverty and can’t afford basic necessities.

Icon illustration of Jordan



Jordan has one of the world’s highest refugee populations, with many of these people dependent on the generosity of others.

Icon illustration of Zambia



According to the Global Hunger Index, Zambia is one of the 10 hungriest countries in the world.

Interested in sponsoring an entire shipping container?

The container you sponsor may be sent to Central/South America, the Middle East, Asia, or Africa depending on time and need. You’ll receive updates as your container travels to its destination and reports about the people you helped.

Sending containers to these different regions of the world costs, on average $12,500

Learn more with our 2018 Container Shipment Program Sheet

Get involved

Holiday and year-end matched giving

During the holidays and the last week of the year, World Help often offers a matched gift on your tax-deductible donation. To learn more or to offer a matched gift yourself, call 800-541-6691.

Giving in someone’s honor

You can donate in honor of special clients, customers, employees, or vendors as a unique way to celebrate them. Browse our variety of World Help Gifts to find which gift they will appreciate most.

Employer matched giving

Give your employees the opportunity to impact twice as many lives by matching their charitable donations up to a certain amount. Email Michelle at to learn more.

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