The Difference You’re Making | World Humanitarian Day

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The Difference You’re Making | World Humanitarian Day

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

Today is World Humanitarian Day, a day to honor the individuals who dedicate themselves to aiding and assisting those in need worldwide.

We want to say an emphatic thank you for partnering with us to make a difference. Your global involvement in physical and spiritual crises has brought hope and help to millions of suffering individuals.

Right now, your compassion is resonating deeply in Iraq and Syria where World Help is working to reach desperate refugee families.

Hope for Iraq - World Help

More than 4 million Syrians have fled their country while 7.6 million have been internally displaced. Similarly, roughly 2 million Iraqis are classified as displaced.

Terrorism and civil upheaval have banished a mass movement of people into limbo. Returning home is not an option for the majority of them while violence and heavy persecution rage around them. Displaced families have little choice but to seek shelter in overcrowded government camps and derelict refugee communities.

Bringing hope to refugees - World Help

Often these camps prove to be nothing more than psychological holding grounds for refugees. With little structure and lack of opportunity, families reside in a half-world—a state of waiting.

Day after day, they wait for war to end . . . for ISIS to be defeated . . . for their cities to stop burning . . . for their brothers, husbands, and sons to return . . . for new supply shipments . . . for available medical treatment.

But endless waiting can drive you mad.

Iraqi refugee camp - World Help

While refugee camps offer shelter and basic necessities—even education—there is little to no room for opportunity, which is why many refugee families choose to risk a life of survival outside the confines of the camps. They would rather look for work and wages, often illegally, than spend long, listless days in the vacuum of a refugee camp.

How can we best care for these fleeing families? How can we listen to them or hold their children? How can we cover them with blankets and serve them hot meals after another long, hard, lonely day?

Refugee camp conditions - World Help

We can through our network of trusted aid and relief teams on the ground who seek to sit, serve, and love.

We can in the form of our gifts that transform into meals, medicine, and Bibles for people who need an embrace.

We can through prayers to our God as He works and moves through our petitions.

We can as we advocate for refugees and bring awareness to those around us.

Iraqi refugee boy - World Help

As Christ followers, humanitarianism is written into our DNA, our redemption story. On this World Humanitarian Day, will you practice your God-given ability to reach out to another made in His image?

Today, we urge you to set aside intentional time to pray for the Middle East. Perhaps even begin the discussion of a long-term involvement strategy with your church. And please, consider making a gift of $10, $50, or even $1,000 on behalf of a refugee family.

Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we want to remind you that you were created for an eternal purpose. The calling isn’t easy, but we know the One who fights for us. The very One who has placed us on earth at this moment . . . for such a time as this.



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