Impact | How Love Saved Lives in 2013

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Impact | How Love Saved Lives in 2013

God is always saving lives, and it seems like He usually uses the least likely people to do it.” – Bob Goff, Love Does

Changing the world begins by saving lives. It is the door through which we can bring lasting hope and true restoration to broken communities around the world.

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In 2013, you paved the way for hope to sweep through impoverished communities by helping us distribute over $9.4 million dollars of life-saving aid, impacting 281,113 people around the world. Because of your generosity, your compassion, and your willingness to act, thousands of lives have been changed forever.

The Campbellsville Rescue Team is just one example of how love saved lives this year. This is their story.

Lindsey Howard was on her way out of a local Christian bookstore when a stack of misplaced books happened to catch her eye.  She walked over and picked up the book that had made its way to the top of the stack:

Awake: Changing the World One Person at a Time.

“I didn’t even know I was asleep to begin with,” Lindsey explained. “I go to church, sing praises, pray, read the Bible, try to share God’s love with those around me . . . but here’s the catcher, I thank God for my blessings and that’s it. I just watch them pile up!”

While reading Noel Yeatt’s impassioned words, the needs of the world . . . the beat of God’s heart . . . came alive to Lindsey in a way she never thought possible.

“All this time, I had been waiting for something instead of just doing something . . .  After finishing the book, I was more than ready to put love into action.”

Compelled to share the blessings in her life with those who need it most, Lindsey looked up World Help’s website to learn how she could get involved . . . how she could use her unique gifts and passions to give back to the world.

“. . . the video for Operation Baby Rescue is what I found.  As I watched in a puddle of tears, I knew, right then and there, I could not go to bed at night without doing something about these precious children.”

Operation Baby Rescue World Help 2013

Once Lindsey had purposed in her heart to join the rescue, there was no turning back. Her heart was burning with the passion to bring healing to the broken . . . and it was contagious.

Lindsey and her husband Clark rallied fellow small-group members, church members, and even local university students together with the mission to rescue 10 babies—they were the Campbellsville Rescue Team.

Campbellsville Rescue Team

Surely, it was a lofty goal, but when faith, passion, and community are combined, miracles are the result—tiny windows of hope through which the Kingdom of Heaven becomes visible on earth.

After weeks of careful preparation for their main fundraising event, the Rescue Night Benefit Concert was finally underway. All members of the Campbellsville Rescue Team were glowing with the expectation of seeing their dream become a reality.

Lindsey Campbellsville RescueLindsey shared her heart and the mission of the Campbellsville Rescue Team.

“We had 10 Christmas trees . . . and each time another child was saved, we lit up another tree,” Lindsey explained.

By the end of the night there were nine Christmas trees glowing brightly, reminding all in attendance of the light we each carry inside of us . . . a light so powerful that it can overcome death with the gift of life.

Campbellsville Rescue TeamA young boy emptied his piggy bank to join the rescue.

By the end of their fundraising campaign, the Campbellsville team raised $14,240—far exceeding their original goal and saving the lives of 11 children!

God is faithful,” Lindsey said. “We should not put limits on what God can do—He didn’t even stop at our goal of 10 babies. When you are working for the Lord, He will see to it that your work does not come back void. He will use you anytime you are willing to submit and act.”

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