Impact | One Community at a Time

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Impact | One Community at a Time

When a community’s immediate physical needs are met, then it can begin to grow toward a self-sustainable way of life. We believe that with clean water, nutrition, healthcare, education, and opportunities for economic development, a group of individuals will not only thrive, but will establish a legacy of health for generations to come.

Thank you for helping us pour hope into impoverished communities all around the globe in 2013. In just 12 months, you gave to build clean-water projects, medical clinics, and homes. You invested in vocational training for poverty-stricken mothers and young adults. You helped us implement sustainable solutions for villages clinging to the last threads of hope.

Build homes in Guatemala

For every project implemented, countless have already been impacted. Not only will these gifts inspire hope for years to come, but the results have been immediate! Here’s how they made a difference in 2013 alone:

  • More than 45,000 people now drink clean water, some for the first time ever
  • 78 people now live in the safety of brand-new homes, not shacks
  • 5,000 people now receive healthcare for the first time after battling preventable diseases for years
  • 2,042 students were impacted by vocational school training with which they can fully support their families.

These aren’t just numbers—they’re lives changed forever by your generosity and sacrifice! Because of you, communities enslaved to the seemingly unbreakable chains of poverty are beginning to flourish. Nazigo, Uganda, is just one of them.

The children of Nazigo have always been frail, tormented for decades by water-related illnesses. Without any form of medical care, they have also been helpless against malaria and other preventable diseases.

Nazigo Uganda

Their stomachs ached. They suffered from painful skin conditions. They were constantly battling some form of sickness. And they were exhausted . . . many of them too weak to keep fighting.

Death becomes a part of everyday life, almost a routine for villages like Nazigo. After decades of lost hope, they have learned not to hold so tightly to loved ones . . . even though the pain of loss is still just as unbearable.

But you changed the destinies of Nazigo’s children in 2013. Through the funding of both a clean-water well and a medical clinic, everything has begun to change for this community. Families no longer fear losing their children to easily treatable sicknesses like malaria. Malnutrition rates will plummet and schoolrooms will finally be filled with students healthy enough to attend on a regular basis.

clean water solutions Africa

However, these community development projects are not without problems. There are rainy seasons . . . wells collapse . . . political climates change.  These ventures take faith and a whole lot of team effort. Your belief, funding, and prayers were major components. Without them, these projects would be impossible.

We believe in sustainable change through partnership—a united community working toward the same goal. Thank you for believing with us that with help for today—clean water, nutrition, shelter, healthcare, education, and income generation—comes a way of life that leads to hope for tomorrow.

Medical clinic Africa

Each of these community development projects restores dignity and cultivates a sense of unity that helps lead the way out of poverty for good.

You are truly paving this path for communities like Nazigo. We can’t wait to continue our impact together with you in 2014.

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