Making Education Possible at Christmas

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Making Education Possible at Christmas

Investing in education is one of the very best ways to empower rising generations of young people.

School is where friends are made, passion for a subject is cultivated, and where musical instruments, sports, and creative projects are taught and enjoyed.

But for so many children, poverty makes educational opportunities completely out of reach. School fees and uniform expenses are high, discouraging many families from making education a priority.

Educate a child at Christmas - World Help

Through the World Help Christmas gift catalog, we have the privilege of investing in strategies that make education possible for children in impoverished communities.

Because of the generosity of last year’s supporters, hundreds of school children in our India were provided with school supplies through World Help gifts. Children who otherwise would not have access to basic school resources—pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc.—are now able to focus on learning instead of the limitations of their circumstances.

School supplies for children - World Help

Our partners explained that most of these children’s parents barely have the means to feed and clothe their children, much less purchase school supplies.

“They were all smiling when we passed out the supplies,” one team leader explained. “Every child was visibly excited and extremely thankful.”

It’s incredible how something so simple, so small, can make an immediate difference in the life of a child. For instance, if every child living in a developing country learned how to read, the global poverty rate could be reduced by 12 percent. That’s 171 million people lifted out of poverty through education!

Child development - World Help

We believe that when children know they are valued, they exceed the expectations of everyone around them; they exceed the confines of their circumstances; and they start to hope in a God who is able to do the impossible in and through their lives.

Just imagine: Today, you can be the one to help initiate this transformation.

This Christmas, would you consider joining us to support children through investing in education? Through World Help’s collection of life-changing gifts, you can contribute to educational empowerment in a number of ways, not to mention other vital areas including spiritual development, agricultural initiatives, support for fledgling entrepreneurs, and much more.

Education - World Help

We hope you’ll choose to be a part of this incredible opportunity to make a difference for those in need this Christmas season. Sometimes it’s as easy as putting a pencil in a child’s hand.

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