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Matching gift: Help 2X as many Ghouta refugees

  • March 30, 2018
Blog Team
Blog Team

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Fighting in eastern Ghouta is almost over … but the fight for survival has just begun.

The people of Ghouta have lost their homes, their businesses, and their livelihood. They need your help if they are going to survive.

And thanks to a matching gift, your donation to help Ghouta refugees will be DOUBLED up to $13,000! That means your gift of $35 will provide TWO people with lifesaving supplies such as food, clean water, and medicine.

After months living trapped in the rubble of their former city, thousands have escaped and made their way to nearby Damascus. Every day, refugees continue to trickle in, and our partners in Syria are on the ground ready to help.

But because of the sheer number of refugees, supplies are quickly running out. We need your help to provide emergency support to people who have lost everything.

The Ghouta refugees have lived through what the U.N. is calling “hell on earth.” They barely escaped with their lives. By sending essentials such as food, water, and medical aid, you provide help and hope in their moment of greatest need.

And if you give today, you will impact not one, but two refugees who feel alone and forgotten. Please respond by April 2 to send urgent help as soon as possible — and your gift will multiply!

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