Medical Emergency Fund Alleviates Burden

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Medical Emergency Fund Alleviates Burden

Japhet’s home is located in Manipur, India, an area consumed by vast, rugged hills and narrow valleys. His family lives each day amid severe poverty, struggling to afford many basic necessities. As a 5-year-old boy, Japhet’s father tragically passed away, leaving his mother to care for their children with only the meager and unreliable wages she earned.

But through sponsorship and the refuge found at Gilgal Children’s Home, Japhet’s life is completely changed as he receives his basic needs and a quality education.

Japhet Lalringum INDGCP - 210 Years later, tragedy struck again. In June, Japhet was involved in a life-threatening car accident. He suffered a brain injury caused by severe internal bleeding from the collision. He was rushed to the hospital for an emergency operation and miraculously, he was released from intensive care after only a few days, but is still required to return for weekly check-ups. His family, and those who care for him at Gilgal were thrilled by his quick recovery.

However, their excitement was soon stripped away when they were faced with the heavy burden of Japhet’s medical bills. Neither his mother nor his caretakers had the necessary resources to pay these expenses.

Thankfully, World Help was able to alleviate this financial burden. Through our Medical Emergency Fund (MEF), all of Japhet’s medical costs were paid in full! Without this help, he and his family faced years of medical payments.

In a letter to his sponsor, Japhet wrote:

I feel God has a great plan in my life. I want to serve Him and be a blessing for many who are like me. It is my duty to serve the living God because He saved my life, and I will always continue to live my life for Him.

Children in IndiaOur MEF Fund is what allows children in crisis situations, like Japhet’s, the opportunity of a promising outcome. Children worldwide are in dire need, and oftentimes their circumstances are critical. These funds are what enable our partners to provide life-saving resources when emergencies arise. Tragedy can occur at any time and without warning. But with the supplemental help of our MEF, we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

You can give to the MEF today by making a one-time donation or committing to a monthly pledge. However you decide to give, you can be assured that your gift will help a child and family in critical need.


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