Medical Team Brings Relief to Rural Guatemala

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Medical Team Brings Relief to Rural Guatemala

A couple weeks ago, a World Help team set out on a groundbreaking trip . . . years in the making . . . the opportunity to bring a full team of expert medical staff—a pediatrician, a surgeon, and four nurses—into impoverished mountain communities in Guatemala.

Kathy Sarantos - World HelpDr. Kathy Sarantos examined hundreds of children this week—and always with this amazing smile.

World Help has been supporting medical ventures for decades now—from sending life-saving medical supplies to cancer hospitals in post-Communist Russia, to where we are today, providing critical medical access to Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing for their lives in the Middle East.

We’ve been privileged to build state-of-the art-hospitals, construct medical clinics for AIDS victims, promote maternal health for birthing-injury survivors, and rescue and treat children from the devastating effects of malnutrition.

Paseo del Credo - World Help

Each and every one of these milestones has helped to collectively improve the health—and save the lives—of millions of people around the world. We believe that serving people in this way is one of the most tangible methods of introducing them to the Gospel.

Guatemala outreach - World Help

Over the course of several days, we worked in some of the poorest communities in all of rural Guatemala . The majority of the children here struggle with water-related illnesses, parasites, and other preventable diseases.

Peter Sarantos - World HelpDr. Peter Sarantos performed many crucial surgeries for Guatemalans in need of immediate help.

Some cases required urgent intervention. Our surgeon was able to operate on several tumors, and in many cases, most likely saved the lives of these patients.

One woman arrived with a serious foot injury. She had stepped on some glass and her wound had become dangerously infected. Without the surgery she received that day, her leg could have required amputation. Can you imagine losing your leg simply because you couldn’t afford to go to the doctor?

Medical missions - World Help

What I love about these outreaches is the idea that physical needs point to the greater reality of our spiritual need for a Savior. Jean Beck, one of our volunteers, prayed with every patient we treated over the course of three days . . . more than 600 people!

Jean Beck - World Help

Several team members dedicated themselves to building relationships with the children as they waited in the long line . . . giving their mothers a much-needed break.

Meredith Smith - World Help

My wife, Patty, set up a photo booth so that every family walked away with a photo in a handmade frame. For many mothers, it was the first and only photograph they had of their children.

Patty Brewer - World Help

I also had the privilege to make an eternal impact in the life of a couple who are struggling every day to survive. Their names are Freddy and Maria. They shared with me that they were hungry for the Gospel, eagerly expressing the desire to become Christ followers. We prayed together and I was thankful that God allowed me to be a part of something that will last for eternity.

Vernon Brewer - Guatemala

By the end of the week, each of these men, women, and children left the medical site knowing they were loved and cared for by God—body, heart, mind, and soul.

Guatemala medical outreach - World Help

It is our vision to see many more of these medical trips take place in Guatemala as well as in other areas of need all around the world. If you are a medical professional—a nurse, doctor, surgeon, dentist, nutritionist, or physical therapist—with a heart to serve those lacking access to medical care, I pray that you would consider joining us on the trip of a lifetime.

Mayda Tress - World HelpThis is Mayda Tress, an incredible nurse and the aunt of Kelly Loveland Gourley. Kelly was a remarkable lady whose heart was for the least of these. Kelly’s House, our home for special needs children, was built and dedicated in her memory.

God has given you the skill and ability to help save lives and restore health . . . just imagine how He could use you to reach the world with healing and hope!

There are millions around the world who are waiting for help to arrive. We’d love for you to be a part of our team.

To learn more about World Help trip opportunities, please visit today.

Nick and Sydney Sarantos - World Help

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