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Become a monthly donor to help people who need it most

What if you could be on the front lines around the world every month — ministering to sick orphans, feeding starving children, giving medical help to refugees, and more?

When you become a monthly donor, you can!

And since it takes as little as $8 to impact one person, a gift of just $24 is enough to help rescue three people each month!

You’ll love giving monthly because …

It’s easy!

Once you sign up, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to send your gift.

Your giving adds up

You can watch your impact add up — if you give $24 a month, you’ll help rescue 36 people in one year!

You’ll receive less mail

Because you’re committed to giving monthly, you won’t receive as many letters or emails asking for one-time gifts.

You make sure help is available quickly

When a disaster strikes, your gift will be among the first to arrive and ensure people don’t have to wait for help.

You’ll receive monthly updates

Each month, you will receive a report about how your gifts have helped save lives.

You help share the Gospel

As people receive help each month, they will experience the love of Jesus and may have opportunities to hear the Gospel.


Help rescue two people in need

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Help rescue three people in need


Help rescue four people in need

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Watch your impact grow

When you make a monthly commitment, you can make a HUGE impact in just a year!

A gift of just $24 means you impact three people your first month … six people by your second month … nine people by month three and so on. The number of men, women, and children you help rescue will continue to grow and multiply.

By the end of the year, you will have provided life-changing help and hope for 36 people! That’s 36 lives you will have helped save and 36 people you will have shown the love of Christ.

Your monthly gift will help meet needs like …

Immediate help in the wake of a hurricane

Thanks to donors who gave to help where needed most before Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas, World Help was able to start helping those left homeless within the first few days after the storm.

Food and medical care for desperate families

Chipo’s husband was killed the very same day she gave birth to their son. She had no idea how she would afford everything her baby needed on her own. Thanks to generous donors, though, she received food and essentials for her newborn.

Clean water for impoverished villages

The people in Tyag’s village walked miles to collect water, but it was filled with bacteria. They were always getting sick. Tyag prayed for help, and the donations of people on the other side of the world provided a well for his community!

Bibles for the world’s most persecuted Christians

Bibles are scarce in China’s underground church, so after becoming a Christian, Chen had to wait three years for his own copy. He cried tears of joy when donors’ generous gifts finally provided him with a Bible and he vowed to read it daily.

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