More Than Enchanting

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More Than Enchanting

I met Jo Saxton at our first Tour of Hope event outside of Washington, D.C. Her British accent and fiery personality made me love her the moment I met her. But what I grew to love most about her was the inspiring message she has that women everywhere need to hear.

Tour of Hope was designed to help empower women to change the world. To face the issues in our world head on—issues like poverty, HIV/AIDS, hunger, lack of clean water, and human trafficking. We wanted to encourage women to see how they can get involved and make a difference.

Jo spoke to this when she said,

We were never designed to hide away from the challenges of the world, but we were designed to engage with them. You and I, as women in this day, in this time, were created for this. The world has sold us short and told us our design is to look beautiful. And, that might be nice—but it’s not changing lives.


Jo has a new book that was just released called More Than Enchanting – Breaking Through Barriers to Influence Your World. Perhaps you are like me—a woman trying to navigate the rough waters of leadership in the home or in the marketplace. Perhaps you are trying to find your role or calling in life. Maybe you are dealing with self-doubt, but at the same time desire to use your gifts in a bold way.

If you can relate to these feelings or struggles, then this book will encourage and challenge you. Jo calls us to embrace the gifts we have been given and to use our influence with confidence.

I love how she closes her powerful new book:

People are hungry for spiritual things, for genuine community, for causes worth living for. We are influential. We’re women in leadership in the church, in our homes, at work and beyond. So, sisters, it’s time to rise up. Take your visions and dreams, your strategic minds and your skills, your hospitality and your hearts, your lives and your love and go … Go make his love visible.


I couldn’t agree more! Let’s take our visions, dreams, minds, skills, hospitality, hearts, lives, and love—and let’s go change the world!

Click here for more information, or to purchase More Than Enchanting.


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