Mother’s Day: Give Hope to a Mom in Nepal

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Mother’s Day: Give Hope to a Mom in Nepal

For moms across earthquake-devastated Nepal, this Mother’s Day will be a far cry from a celebration.

Unlike mothers in the U.S. who will enjoy bouquets of flowers or maybe a special meal, these women have only one focus: the survival of their children in the uncertain days ahead.

Nepal - World Help Disaster Relief

Will you recognize and honor the bravery of these women with us?

This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mom by giving the gift of hope and stability to another mother in need. Your contribution to our Nepal Disaster Relief fund will go directly toward providing food, shelter, medicine, and clean water to moms and their families.

We can’t think of a better way to show our appreciation this Mother’s Day than by providing Nepali women with the life-saving resources they need to care for their children.

Mother's Day - Nepal Relif

Your mom has given so much to you . . . Let’s give back by helping desperate mothers in Nepal in this simple and extraordinary way.

Join us in making this Mother’s Day about giving help and hope to these incredible moms.


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