Mounting Medical Crisis Endangers Multitudes of Refugees

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Mounting Medical Crisis Endangers Multitudes of Refugees

Adhem lived with her husband and newborn son on a cattle ranch just south of Erbil. When ISIS took over the area, they lost everything—their home, their savings, their entire life’s work.

Her voice shook as she talked about her son, showing his photo and registration card to our team, as she began to weep. Finally, Adhem was able to explain that her son died two months ago, simply because she had no access to basic medicines to care for him. He was only 8 weeks old.

Iraqi refugee woman - World Help

As we speak, over 3 million people have been displaced within the crumbling nation of Iraq. Plummeting winter temperatures, deplorable living conditions, and virtually no access to medical care is proving disastrous in this ongoing humanitarian crisis.

A World Help team has just returned from an urgent summit with our aid partners working with refugees and displaced people in Iraq. What they heard and saw was unbelievably heartbreaking.

Everywhere we turned, we heard stories of Christians who survived the horrific atrocities of ISIS only to be delivered into the harsh reality of refugee life . . . and die because of a lack of basic medical care.

Refugee children - World Help

Without immediate and substantial intervention, our partners expect hundreds—perhaps even thousands—to die before the first signs of spring. How can we bear to watch this happen to our brothers and sisters?

In response to this extensive need, we have recently launched one of Iraq’s first-ever mobile medical clinics. Each clinic is poised to provide some of the only professional medical care available to the Iraqi people right where they are.

Iraq medical crisis - World Help

Support of these clinics—the medical professionals, the supplies, the equipment, the ongoing operations—must be immediate and significant in order to continue saving lives. Your help is needed more than ever before to be the hands and feet of Jesus amid one of the most appalling humanitarian catastrophes that this generation has ever seen.

In addition to other aid and relief supplies—food, water, bedding, heaters, hygiene items, etc.—every dollar given will be used to continue operating these incredible clinics.

  • $3,000 impacts 150 refugees with life-saving aid and access to medical care
  • $1,500 impacts 75 refugees with life-saving aid and access to medical care
  • $800 impacts 40 refugees with life-saving aid and access to medical care
  • $300 impacts 15 refugees with life-saving aid and access to medical care

Instead of having to travel for miles, only to find they cannot afford the medical care they are seeking, the clinics will come to them providing the critical help they need. We estimate that every month, 1,200 people will be served by our clinics . . . that’s thousands and thousands of lives every year!

Iraqi refugee girl - World Help

We all can do something to help alleviate this massive crisis. We can pray. We can share the need with others around us. And we can give. We can give generously and sacrificially with tremendous faith, fully expectant that God can and will do the impossible on behalf of His children.

As ISIS continues to wreak havoc on Christian and minority communities across Iraq, the numbers of displaced people are rising steadily every day with no end in sight. We must respond. And we must do it now.


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