Nepal: Building a Firmer Foundation

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Nepal: Building a Firmer Foundation

“Everyone was tired, but no one was sleeping,” Director of International Programs Mark Hogsed said as he reflected on his trip to Nepal just days after the April earthquake.

“The first three nights I was there, there were small aftershocks during the night. I didn’t feel them because I was asleep. The following day, I was asked by the Nepalis if I had felt the aftershocks. When I said no, they couldn’t believe it . . . it made me realize they were awake all night out of fear.”

Nepal earthquake crisis - World Help

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes, powerful aftershocks, and deadly landslides, there is one thing that now remains constant for thousands of earthquake victims—fear!

A deep restlessness now sits at the heart of this nation . . . a nation that watched their world dissolve to dust in only a matter of hours.

Watch Nepal | Earthquake Footage on Vimeo

Rebuilding efforts are now underway, but we realize that bringing physical help is only a small part of restoration for the Nepali people. Where lives have been so grievously torn apart . . . where spirits have been broken . . . true rebuilding must begin by restoring hope.

Children of Nepal - World Help

In the midst of extreme devastation, there is room for lies to enter in . . . lies that lead to utter despair.

We can’t stand by and let that happen. We have the opportunity to build a new, firmer foundation—one that even devastation itself cannot destroy.

Relief for Nepalis - World Help

That is why, as the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus, we are continually led to the places where devastation has reared its ugly head. When we arrive to bring help, we also come bearing a powerful message of hope:

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you. — Isaiah 54:10

Now, months after the earthquakes, the need for basic necessities remains staggering. When distributions are made, hundreds gather anxiously in the hope that their families will be among those fortunate enough to receive aid.

Help for Nepal - World Help

Our partner on the ground recently reported that one man walked six hours, one way, to receive a bag of rice for his family. It was only one bag of rice, but it would mean peace of mind for his family a little while longer . . . and that alone was worth the long journey.

Nepal aid and relief - World Help

Nepal has all but completely vanished from the headlines, but the road to recovery is still far from over. For thousands, the full effects of trauma are just beginning to set in. It is more crucial now than ever that we arrive with a reason to believe restoration is possible.

Rebuild Nepal - World Help

Will you help us overcome fear and desperation through acts of love for these earthquake victims? Even one bag of rice is enough to bring relief to the hearts of a Nepali family.


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