Nepal: Pausing to Celebrate Hope

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Nepal: Pausing to Celebrate Hope

Our staff received this image from a partner in Nepal last week. Without knowing the background of the photo, it appears to be one more heartbreaking capture of the destruction of Nepal’s devastating April 25 earthquake.

Nepal - From the Field

It’s said that a photo is worth 1,000 words . . . yet in Nepal there are simply no words to describe the devastation, loss, and aching sorrow embodied in each image.

But this particular photo also tells a story of hope.

The driver of the car, along with several passengers, was tragically killed by a landslide triggered by the earthquake. Without warning, boulders and dislodged debris came crashing down the walls of a steep cliff onto the vehicle, and it crumpled like a piece of paper beneath the inescapable force.

There, buried beneath the rubble, it lay silent until being discovered by local survivors. And though it was a chilling discovery, it was also a miraculous one.

A 3-month-old baby had somehow survived.

Though the recovery process was marked by chaos, the moment the child was pulled from the wreckage was a holy one.

In the tears, dust, and grief—there are daily glimmers of hope occurring in Nepal. Like the miraculous rescue of this 3-month-old child, miracles are piercing through this nation’s dark canvas of pain.

World Help in Nepal

While we grieve with our family in Nepal, we mustn’t forget the stories of hope that are being written. We must recognize the individual victories—children receiving hot meals, injuries being treated, families reuniting—being careful that we don’t succumb to the temptation to stop caring, exhausted by the overwhelming need.

We believe it is these “holy moments” that God has called us to. We believe in intentionally pausing to celebrate lives impacted. We believe that to avoid becoming numb, we must experience the exhilaration of the hope possible through our prayers and giving.

Take a moment to thank God for the miracles He’s performing in Nepal. Then consider . . . is He calling you to help write these stories of hope?


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