Nepal: Rashmi’s Testimony of Hope

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Nepal: Rashmi’s Testimony of Hope

Millions of people residing in Nepal have been deeply impacted by the destruction of the recent earthquakes that devastated this country on April 25 and then again on May 12. Millions of men, women, and children were left mourning their loved ones and picking up the pieces after their homes and very lives were torn apart by this tragedy.

We have 7 child sponsorship programs located in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, and we are grateful that all children residing here are safe. We continue to pray for them as well as their families living in the surrounding villages, some of which were destroyed in recent weeks.

Nepal - World Help Child SponsorshipRashmi

In the midst of this horrifying tragedy, Rashmi is just one example of hope amid unbelievable circumstances.

Rashmi, a 13-year-old girl and Children of the World alumna, resides at Grace Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal. She’s known for her humble character and leadership on the campus. She has a servant’s heart and is grateful for the opportunities she’s been given thanks to the work and ministry at the home and through the love and care of her sponsors.

World Help Sustainable Projects - Nepal

Rashmi’s father is a farmer in their home village of Ahaldada, in Dolakha district. This district is one of the most heavily affected regions in the country as a result of the quakes and numerous aftershocks. She received word that while her father survived the quake, their home was flattened, and they lost everything. Although Rashmi is separated from her father during this heartbreaking time, she is truly demonstrating hope and strength as she seeks to find joy instead of defeat and hopelessness in these difficult times.

Nepal Child Sponsorship - World Help

Exactly one week after the first earthquake brought ruin and destruction to Nepal, Rashmi is seen in the above picture worshiping the Lord at her church and praying for her family and neighbors in the severely-devastated Dolakha district. She’s not only a leader at Grace Home but is an example of hope to all of us.

Will you join us today to bring hope and healing to Nepal? You can intervene through prayer, advocacy, or by giving to our Nepal Disaster Relief Fund, which will go directly to meet immediate needs of the Nepali people as they continue to deal with this tragedy and begin the process of rebuilding their lives, homes, and communities.

Please help us provide urgently needed supplies to men, women, and children in Nepal . . . giving help for today and hope for tomorrow.


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