Sending Help to Syria

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Sending Help to Syria

The people of Syria are in desperate need of food, water and other aid supplies. We are strategically positioned to distribute these supplies in Syria and Jordan. Your generosity can be the help that the Syrian people need. Read more on our blog.



Child sponsorship gives children the help and hope they need. This little girl in Nepal now attends school and receives nutritious food because someone took the time to care and invest in her life. ...

Children in the sponsorship program in India made signs showing their appreciation for the change in their lives. ...

Hope for Iraq - A book on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East by Vernon Brewer - World Help

Free Book: Hope for Iraq by Vernon Brewer

Vernon Brewer, World Help’s President and Founder, just released a booklet about the reality of this staggering crisis. In it are dozens of firsthand accounts from refugees he met that have endured unimaginable suffering.

These are the stories the American church needs to hear to fully understand the magnitude of what is happening in Iraq.


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