Put down the ugly sweater . . . we’ve got the perfect gift.

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Put down the ugly sweater . . . we’ve got the perfect gift.

You’ve heard it plenty of times before: “I never buy gifts cards at Christmas. They’re so impersonal!”

How did gift cards get such a bad rap? Instead of endless worrying over whether your brother will like the maroon socks, if your niece actually wants this season’s latest toy, or about uncle Jim’s need for yet another Christmas tie . . . why not let them decide? Gift cards are an excellent alternative.

But what if there was a gift card that lets your loved ones not only choose the perfect gift, but also make a lasting impact?

This Christmas, World Help is offering exclusive gift cards of four amounts—$10, $25, $50, and $100—that directly benefit children, families, and communities around the world. The recipient of the gift card will redeem the value with any non-merchandise gifts toward a cause of their choice.


Your brother can buy a life-saving mosquito net for families in Africa. Your niece can give school supplies or uniforms to children around the world. And uncle Jim can finally fulfill that childhood dream of buying a goat . . . well, sort of.

Just imagine the difference your friends and family can make—all because you’ve given them the opportunity to share the joy of Christmas with those who need it most.

This year, a gift card might just be the most personal gift you can give.

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