Reaching Haditha | Operation Update

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Reaching Haditha | Operation Update

Several weeks ago, we asked for intervention for the people of Haditha, Iraq—one of the remaining strongholds against ISIS that has recently fallen under siege. For the past 18 months, the extremist group has blocked trade routes into Haditha, cutting it off from outside aid.

As basic resources grew scarce, the price of food soared—one 50-kilogram sack of flour had inflated to $840 USD!

Haditha 2

Electricity in Haditha is available for a mere three hours a day, and the hospitals are struggling to care of their patients, let alone the influx of refugees the city has taken in from Fallujah and surrounding regions.

Access to food, medicine, and supplies dwindled dangerously, and panic began to set in.

Haditha 5

When we heard that our partner in Iraq had secured a C-130 cargo plane capable of hauling 15 tons of emergency aid, we knew there was no time to lose. We had to act.

Alone, we never could have reached these desperate people . . . but God made a way.

In the weeks leading up to the airdrop, our partners on the ground reported that they fell under mortar fire from nearby ISIS units. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about the danger of this operation. In addition to this, complications arose with every step, delaying drop dates . . . impressing on our national partners the volatility of the situation.

Haditha 1

Yet, with God’s protection and guidance, our team flew safely from the heart of Baghdad to Haditha—through enemy lines—to deliver over 11 tons of critical supplies like water, rice, beans, lentils, flour, and baby formula. Airdrops were also made in the nearby towns of Al-Baghdadi and Parwana, which were under siege by extremist forces as well.

Altogether, the mission was able to provide critical supplies to thousands of embattled Iraqi people, taking a persevering and brave stand against ISIS.

Haditha 3

God has used your prayers and generosity to accomplish something that will outlive you and last for eternity. On behalf of the families in Haditha who have received this tangible form of love, thank you.

Haditha 4

Please don’t stop praying for Haditha, as well as the millions in Iraq and Syria who are living out the trauma of conflict every day. Hunger, sickness, and dread loom over these refugee families. But we are working day and night to offer them the lifelines of hope in the coming days.

Learn more about how you can provide relief to displaced and besieged refugee families.


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