Reflecting a Father’s Powerful Love

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Reflecting a Father’s Powerful Love

A father’s love and support is often the reason our dreams become reality . . . he believed in us, and we learned to believe in ourselves. He provided the tools we needed to succeed, and his confidence in us pushed us to step into the roles we were created to live out—in relationships, in our work, and in the body of Christ.

This Father’s Day, we are inviting you to reflect your father’s love into the life of an impoverished young adult. By investing in a vocational scholarship, or by providing essential resources like welding equipment, sewing machines, or hair-styling tools, you will empower young adults to do the things they were uniquely gifted to do. . . to step into their true callings and invaluable roles in society.

Father's Day - World Help

A father’s affirming love has the power to build up, train, and equip individuals to become that which they’ve always dreamed of . . . to fill aimless lives with vision and meaning.

Our father’s love wasn’t meant to end with us. This year, let’s show our gratitude in a way he’ll never forget—by filling another life with confidence and purpose, just as he did for us.

Father's Day with World Help

With any gift amount, you will have the option to send a personalized Father’s Day e-card to let your dad know how his love is continuing to shape lives.

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