Rescue a
malnourished child

Why rescue?

Right now, a child in poverty is dying from malnutrition and disease. But YOU can help save his life. Your gift will help provide initial nutritional needs and medical evaluation.

For $50, you can help rescue a child from the brink of death.

How will my gift help?

Your $50 will help provide initial nutritional needs of a malnourished child. You also will help provide a medical evaluation, when needed. Your gift will help a child begin to grow healthy and strong.

Who will my gift help?

You will help rescue a child in Guatemala, Uganda, or Haiti. In these countries, impoverished families often can’t afford nutritious food or medical care. Parents are helpless as they watch their children grow sicker. But you can help save a child today.

How can I get involved?

Give today, and help save a life. Your $50 gift will supply nutritional supplements and a medical evaluation that will help provide the first steps to keeping one child alive!

Interested in supporting one child’s long-term care and rehabilitation?   Click here

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