Share Your Mother’s Influential Love

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Share Your Mother’s Influential Love

Every second Sunday of May seems to bring the same exasperation to millions . . . how do I let Mom know how much she means to me?

Did you know . . . after Christmas, Mother’s Day is the second most expensive holiday in the U.S.? We love our mothers—and we spend a lot of money in order to show them!

For many of us, there’s no gift meaningful enough to express just how much we appreciate our mothers. But that doesn’t stop us from going to great—and expensive—lengths to try and show our love. But what if we redirected these worthwhile attempts to form a legacy?

Mother's Day - World Help

This year, World Help invites you to celebrate your mother in an entirely different way . . . in a way that will change lives.

We invite you to show your appreciation by sponsoring a child in her honor.

Today, more than 150 million children are tragically living without one or both parents. In fact, over 34 million of these children are surviving specifically without a mother’s love. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, approximately 50 million children are orphans—25 percent of whom have lost a parent to AIDS.

What better way to celebrate your mother than by sharing her legacy with a child who has lived without the love of a parent? Our mothers cherish thoughtful gifts, but they will be honored by our choice to make a life-changing difference.

Share Your Mother's Influential Love on Mother's Day

For $35 a month, you can intervene in the life of a disadvantaged child in desperate need of loving care. Alternatively, your gift of any amount to our Unsponsored Children’s Fund will help support vulnerable children still waiting for a sponsor. When you’ve made your gift, let your mom know with one of our customized e-cards!

No mother wants her child to become a statistic. If she could, each one would tell you she wants the absolute best for her child. We can honor mothers worldwide by working toward that realization.

Honor Mothers with World Help

Our global sponsorship program ensures that children receive nutrition, medical care, an education, and a safe and nurturing environment where they can develop toward their full potential . . . but most important, they hear of God’s eternal love for them on a daily basis.

Honor your mom by giving back this Mother’s Day. Begin your own sponsorship journey—or make a one-time donation for children waiting for a sponsor—and share your mother’s influential love around the world.

Schedule a personalized e-card for Mother’s Day with your new sponsorship or any gift amount.



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