Sponsorship: An Eternal Impact

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Sponsorship: An Eternal Impact

Child sponsorship is a life-changing opportunity, a perfect example of World Help’s mission: help for today and hope for tomorrow.

While sponsorship provides necessities such as healthy food and durable clothing, it goes far beyond simply meeting a child’s basic physical needs; it is a holistic investment that completely change a child’s life . . . providing a brighter future.

One of the greatest impacts made possible through your sponsorship comes in the form of spiritual development for sponsored children. Our international partners are committed to sharing the love of Christ with the boys and girls in their programs. Though each program looks different, they are all focused on investing in the eternal future of these children.

Child Sponsorship India Programs - World Help

Because of this, sponsors have the unique opportunity to play an integral role in their sponsored child’s spiritual life . . . praying for them daily and sharing Scriptures and words of encouragement through correspondence. Our partners continuously share with us the work the Lord is doing in these young lives through the opportunities created by child sponsorship. We’ve seen children come to Christ through Easter services at their programs, and even through Vacation Bible School. Ultimately, we are seeing the transformative work of Christ in these young lives, providing eternal hope.

Only weeks ago, I was in Uganda and was able to stand alongside some of World Help’s sponsored children and worship the Lord together. It was an amazing experience. Not only were we worshipping together, but the church we were in was started by sponsored children who are now teenagers and young adults.

Child Sponsorship - Spiritual Development

India baptism - World Help

We recently received an incredible report from one of our partners in India. Three of the children in their program made the decision to commit their lives to Christ and were baptized in their church. It was a special time for the children as they made a public declaration of their faith, and are continuously growing in their spiritual lives.

“I can’t stop thanking God for His miraculous provision through you all. Your generous gifts are uncountable and matchless, which has made a great impact. Today, we can see the fruits of your eternal investment,” Isaac, a caregiver at the sponsorship program in India said.

Making an Eternal Impact Through Child Sponsorship

The children, Bijay, Prem, and Aarti, all shared their personal testimonies and declared their faith in Jesus Christ. “We acknowledge your massive love, care, prayer, and unceasing financial support,” Isaac said when referring to World Help sponsors.

It was a great celebration in the community as they all came together to praise God and commit to continuous prayer for these three children as they grow in their faith and follow Christ. And it underscored the value of sponsorship, as this incredible transformation would not be possible without the care and support of sponsors like you.

Sponsors, your prayers, correspondence and financial support is helping create an incredible change not only in the lives of countless children, but also around the world. Thank you for your investment and willingness to allow God to use you to make an eternal impact.


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