Staff Training Day: The Story of Us

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Staff Training Day: The Story of Us

At the heart of World Help’s staff culture is the resolve to understand why we do what we do. To do that, we set a day aside each year to come together as a team and reflect on our core values—the principles that point us to our “true north.”

World Help core values

Today, we paused and interacted with these values as a staff. Here’s what our discussion looked like:

Chris Falwell World Help

Long-time Operations staff member, Chris Falwell, opens with our first core value.

1.    We believe that all people matter. Knowing that Jesus’ greatest commands are to love God and love people, we are deliberate and intentional about showing love and bringing dignity to each person we serve.

Claudia Gardner World Help

Director of Church Relations Claudia Gardner discusses World Help’s legacy of dynamic faith.

2.    We believe that an active faith extends far beyond Sunday’s four walls. Faith isn’t reserved for religious settings . . . it is a lifestyle to be lived out in all areas of life and work. Because of this, we work hard to keep our faith integrated into the fabric of our organization, influencing every part of what we do.

Cyrus Mad-Bondo World Help

Regional Director of Africa Cyrus Mad-Bondo speaks about strategic impact through international partnerships.

3.    We believe in equipping the right partners with the resources they need in order to affect sustainable transformation in people and communities. Our in-country teams are strategically positioned to meet needs and provide valuable feedback to improve future initiatives and implement cost-effective solutions that foster growth. This support system produces viable results and allows us to continue making effective investments in impoverished communities worldwide.

Wendy Adams World Help

Wendy Adams, a member of the World Help Development team focuses on vibrancy through diversity.

4.    We believe in building long-term relationships with our donors that allow them to help us be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. Successful, healthy relationships built on mutual respect, foster a vibrant organizational atmosphere where everyone—from the youngest staff member to the oldest donor—knows they are a vital part of our mission.

Brianna Brown World Help

International Projects Administrator Brianna Brown discusses excellence within our company culture.

5.    We believe in working with passion, enthusiasm, and fanatical attention to quality and detail. The quality of our work will be measured by how effectively help and hope is delivered to people in impoverished communities. This is why we will continue to focus ourselves collectively on making every task, every assignment, and every moment count.

Brianna Brown

Brianna hasn’t just demonstrated this core value at World Help; she has set an example for our entire team to follow. We were privileged to recognize her during her last day with World Help, and to pray over her family’s transition into global missions where we know she will continue to work with excellence.

Suzanne O'Dell World Help

Senior Staff Writer Suzanne O’Dell shares World Help’s commitment to responsible communication and telling the stories of transformed lives.

6.    We believe in doing the right thing, total transparency, and sharing the results of the impact we make. Trust is the thread that holds our organization together. We will never compromise our integrity to get ahead, nor cut corners for the sake of convenience. Our reputation not only says who we are, it serves as a marker for where we are going.

Children of the World

Our intermission was a special treat—getting to see a Children of the World costume rehearsal! This was the new choir’s first performance in front of a large crowd, and they couldn’t have done a better job. What a joy to cheer them on and spend time celebrating afterward!

Vernon Brewer World Help

President Vernon Brewer followed by sharing how his battle with a life-threatening illness taught him to understand God’s sovereignty in everything, particularly His work through World Help. He gave a personal challenge to the staff—allow God to move by guarding against incremental faith—and closed the discussion with our 7th core value:

7.    We believe in accomplishing God-sized tasks that last for eternity. By centering our mission, our energies, and our collective focus on bringing physical help and spiritual transformation, we believe God will do the impossible for millions of impoverished people around the world.

World Help is so thankful for our leaders and staff who incorporate long-term vision into their work every day. And of course, we praise God for each one of you who partner with World Help by praying and giving.

After our time of corporate reflection and thanksgiving, there wasn’t a better way to wrap up than by spending the afternoon with some of our cutest team members and world changers . . .

Children of the World Philppines boys

Children of the World Philippines

Children of the World Uganda

World Help fun day


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