Star School | A Source of Light and Hope

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Star School | A Source of Light and Hope

“Rwanda is like a beacon of light to the watching world of how people can forgive even the most atrocious acts and move forward in love toward their fellowman.” –Nancy Cochran, supporter of Star School

Nearly 700 boys and girls are impacted daily by the incredible work at the Star School campus in Rwanda. Founded by a pastor who had a vision to provide quality education to children throughout Rwanda—children who have, in some way, been affected by the genocide. It was his vision for these victims of tragedy and violence to receive an education based on Christian principles.

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Some of the children at Star School live with their families and attend classes daily, while others reside on the campus in boarding homes. It is because of our partners’ faithful work that these children are receiving the care they need, a quality education, and nutritious meals in a nurturing environment. It is their work and dedication that has established boundless opportunities for those who have been forced to grow up in extreme and challenging circumstances.

Building futures in Rwanda - World Help

Today, thanks to the help of our faithful sponsors and partners, Star School not only offers secondary education, but they now have a pre-school where they can begin to equip young children early on so they are ready to enter their secondary education. This pre-school is a beacon of light to this community.


At 14 years of age, Austyn knew she wanted to raise money to help build a school in Africa. She was determined to make this dream a reality, though she didn’t know where she specifically wanted to build a school. But through a series of events, the door was opened to use the $25,000 she had raised to build a school in Rwanda, specifically a pre-school.

In 2013, Austyn felt like the Lord was leading her to raise additional money, and by the end of the year she had raised another $25,000. These funds were used to add onto the existing pre-school and furnish it with beds, cots, running water, and a toilet. Austyn and her mother, Nancy, were so excited to know that the work being accomplished was first started with a 14-year-old girl’s vision only a few years before.

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Having visited Rwanda and the campus of Star School with our Regional Director of Africa, Cyrus Mad-Bondo, Nancy had the opportunity to see firsthand the incredible work happening at this school and the restoration in Rwanda as a whole. “The tragedy of Rwanda’s genocide has turned into a redemptive act of the Lord Jesus who is showing that forgiveness of anything and everything is possible through Him,” Nancy said.

The Star School campus is not only providing a promising future to hundreds of children, but it is also impacting the entire community through the love and support they show to the children in the villages. Lives are being forever changed and children now have a newfound hope for what they can accomplish. “Investing in education is important,” Nancy said, “because it will empower Rwandans to be self-sustaining and to thrive in the future.”

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Through the work at Star School, our partners are investing in the future leaders of Rwanda. They are encouraging these children by showing them the love of Jesus Christ, providing a quality education that will open incredible opportunities they never thought possible, and by restoring hope.

Join with us today to help Rebuild Rwanda, or you may choose to sponsor one of these children. Your partnership will continue to impact the lives of these children. Together, we are working to restore a nation once devastated by tragedy and violence.


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