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Thank You, Sponsors!

  • August 01, 2016
Rachel Godwin

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Over the past 25 years, more than 50,000 children’s lives have been changed because of faithful sponsors like you!

Thank you for choosing to be the one to provide help and hope for a child in need.

Your commitment provides your sponsored child with the encouragement that someone across the globe cares about them enough to help them succeed.

World Help Child Sponsorship

Your prayers and kind words give them the confidence to reach for their dreams and work toward a brighter future, just like Stella from Uganda.

Although Stella lost both of her parents to the HIV/AIDS crisis, she found a new source of love and support from her sponsor. She was able to finish school, attend vocational training, and eventually open her own fashion design business.

Of course, your commitment to your child does more than just meet their physical and educational needs . . . it also introduces them to Jesus!

Children often hear the Gospel for the first time when they enter the sponsorship program, and many like Bijay, Prem, and Aarti choose to accept Christ.

Every time you pray for your child or share a Scripture verse, you are planting a seed of spiritual growth. You may never know until eternity the full extent of your impact through sponsorship, but you can be assured that you are transforming a life.

We cannot thank you enough!

Child Sponsorship | Thank You from World Help.

The joy that sponsorship brings is incomparable. You have already given that precious gift to your sponsored child . . . but hundreds more are still waiting for someone to invest in their life.

By contributing to our Unsponsored Children’s Fund, you can help encourage them while they wait and give hope to children like 10-year-old Riya.

INDYNO026 Riya Raj (1)

Riya is part of the Banchara community, one of the lowest “castes” in the traditional Indian class system. All their lives, Banchara women are told they do not deserve basic human rights and the only way they can earn a living is by entering the commercial sex industry.

By God’s grace, Riya was saved from this horrible life when her parents sent her to a girls’ home that provides a safe environment where she can receive a quality education and learn about Jesus Christ.

But she is still waiting for a sponsor who will be the one for her. While she waits, you can remind her that she is loved by providing for her daily needs.

You’re already making an amazing difference through sponsorship. While you may be unable to afford a long-term commitment to an additional child, you can still change another life with a one-time gift to the Unsponsored Children’s Fund.

Thank you again for your passion to help children like Riya. We’re so glad you are part of the sponsorship family!

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