Giving Thanks for You Today

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Giving Thanks for You Today

World Help is thankful for you . . . our friends, our family, our supporters.

As we pause today in gratitude and reflection, we want to also extend our personal thanks.

World Help Nepal

We are privileged to be a part of your lives. Some of you are still getting to know us; others have partnered with us for more than 20 years. But no matter the length of time, we see you as our friends and family. We see you as a community of partners with the same vision—to bring help and hope where little exists. Without you, our influence around the world would be minimal at best.

World Help Honduras

We are thankful for your compassion, prayers, sacrifice, and never-ending enthusiasm.

We are thankful for your willingness to open your hearts and hands to meet the needs of the world.

We are thankful that millions of people worldwide will never be the same because you shared tangible forms of God’s love.

World Help Africa sponsorship

Year after year, you give . . . fundraise . . . advocate . . . strategize . . . share . . . and inspire.

Thank you. From the entire World Help staff and family, we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

We give thanks for you today.


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