The Beauty of New Beginnings

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The Beauty of New Beginnings

The sun had barely risen in the sky, when 5-year-old Genesis watched as her grandmother’s wrinkled hands flew to prepare a day’s supply of homemade corn tortillas to sell from the tiny cart she stationed on the edge of the street.

They were the best tortillas in the neighborhood, but the money she earned—even on her best days—was barely enough to support the little family.

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Despite their poverty, Genesis knew her family was fortunate not to live in the dump, which was home for many of her friends at school. Being part of one of our Honduran sponsorship programs, Genesis is able to receive the education she would otherwise never experience.

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Before the school was built, Genesis spent each day at the dump with dozens of other children, scavenging for scrap materials to sell. She shuddered, remembering the putrid smell, the constant sense of fear, and the hours of aimless wandering through the heaps of steaming garbage. Her heart sank under the weight of the memory. It made her miss her mother who had left home over a month ago.

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Refocusing her attention on the day at hand, Genesis carefully washed her hands and face before getting dressed. She looked forward to telling her teacher more about her dream of becoming a veterinarian. It was a warm substitute for the gnawing absence of her own mother.

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Today, she will play with her classmates; she will raise her hand to answer questions; she will eat until her belly is full; she will dream of a life beyond the dump . . . to a future that, like her name, is teeming with the hope of new beginnings.

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