Christian Leaders Should Read This Book

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Christian Leaders Should Read This Book

The Spiritual Danger of Doing GoodToday, I finished reading an incredible book that I highly recommend to any Christ follower, but especially to those involved in ministry of any kind.

The Spiritual Dangers of Doing Good by Peter Greer—the CEO and President of HOPE International—is a book I wish was around in my early days of ministry. Why? Because it directly tackles an issue that is rarely discussed in leadership circles: how doing good can become more about us than the people we claim to help or the cause we’re fighting for . . . and even less about the God we represent.

The intentions behind our work matter. They inform how we treat people, what we value in life, and how we relate to God. We have to understand the temptation that is sure to come in the form of Christian heroism and sacrificing those close to us, all in the name of “doing things for God.”

This passage from the introduction gives a glimpse into the heart of Spiritual Danger’s message:

In my zeal for justice and mercy, I made service—a good thing—into the ultimate thing, opening myself to pride, doubt, and approval seeking. My heart unguarded, I found myself vulnerable to the spiritual dangers of doing good. Without a clear understanding of why we serve, we risk a backlash of relational ruin, spiritual disillusionment, and personal burnout.”

Peter’s transparency on this issue is refreshing, challenging, and ultimately, a tremendous source of encouragement.

After I finished the last page, I was filled with expectancy, peace, and a sense that with God at the center, everything—work, family, and doing good included—will become more than just activities, they’ll be true acts of worship.

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