The Cost of Conflict | Children of War

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The Cost of Conflict | Children of War

World Help has sought to bring relief to areas of conflict for more than 20 years, from Kosovo to Uganda. War zones and conflict-filled regions are complex—often with no quick solution—but God is still at work, and we are committed to joining Him there.

Vernon Brewer in Kosovo - World HelpVernon Brewer in a Kosovo refugee camp

Because hope shines the brightest in the darkest corners of the earth.

The Central African Republic (CAR) is one of the countries where we are dedicated to sharing hope. Ethno-religious conflict has exploded in the last several years, claiming the lives of more than 5,000 in less than 12 months.

Torture, rape, and pillaging go undocumented by mainstream media outlets on a daily basis. No one is safe from rebel groups—not even children.

The U.N. Refugee Agency estimates that 400,000 are currently living as Internally Displaced Persons in the CAR—and more than 200,000 have fled to surrounding countries.

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Yet children are being disproportionately affected. As millions are forced from their homes, school systems across the country are virtually nonexistent. An alarming number of children in the CAR are spending their days without structure, learning, or play.

What’s more, thousands have watched their families be killed and have sustained profound emotional trauma. These days are forever burned into their minds and ultimately into their futures.

The cost of war on a child’s spirit and future is beyond what most of us could ever imagine. But looking away, ignoring, and refusing to do nothing is not an option. In fact, the value of our work in regions of war and conflict is multiplied exponentially. We have the most powerful gift to share . . . hope.

World Help’s partner program in the CAR, Irene’s Home of Hope, is run by Christian leaders who are caring for children impacted by abject poverty. Through sponsorship, these children are safe from violence, hunger, and instability—and we believe their healthy development will play a key role in the future of their country.

Central African Republic programs - World HelpChildren at Irene’s Home of Hope in the Central African Republic

As Christ followers, our response to conflict matters greatly. It matters on an individual level—for the children who will experience the love and hope of Christ we can share. And it matters on a global level—because our love has the power to impact the future of families and communities recovering from war.

September 21 is the International Day of Peace, and we’re asking you to stand in the trenches with us on behalf of children and families impacted by conflict.

Please join us in remembering those trapped in the nightmares of unspeakable violence, terrorism, and war. Spread the word about the International Day of Peace to your friends, family, church, and online communities. Ask them to intervene in prayer for millions of innocent people suffering through the trauma of war.

Zaatari Refugee Camp - World Help

We must not let the individual worth of children in war zones get lost behind massive walls of statistics. They are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends. They are budding artists, athletes, musicians, civil leaders, parents, and heroes. And they each matter to God.

Take your action one step further. Join World Help in providing aid to children impacted by violence in the CAR. Your gift will go directly to support the costs of caring for children at Irene’s Hope of Hope.

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