The Desperate State of Nepal’s Children

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The Desperate State of Nepal’s Children

A few short weeks ago, I was with a World Help team at ground zero of the Nepali earthquakes . . . where more than 8,800 men, women, and children have perished under mountains of rubble and debris.

What broke my heart the most was hearing the stories of the children in these affected communities, many of whom are too traumatized to sleep or play. They have endured unspeakable loss. Many watched in horror as their parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends were crushed by falling debris or swept away by landslides. Their homes have been destroyed; their schools, demolished. Everything they’ve ever known—their very stability—has been forever altered by what has happened here.

Nepal rebuilding - World Help

“The children are now constantly nervous or serious,” explained Swarnim, one of our in-country leaders.

I’m getting worried they are suffering from depression. Big children can understand the situation but small children cannot . . . it is difficult for me to convince them that they are now safe. Mosquitos and unexpected rainfall have made it almost impossible to sleep in our tents. For the children’s sake, we need to be surrounded by safe walls again.

It’s an absolute tragedy . . . and as the body of Christ, we must come together to help these children who have no other hope . . . and we must help now.

Children of Nepal - World Help

I’m begging for your immediate support to impact 1,000 children directly affected by the earthquakes. For every $75 you invest in helping us rebuild homes, schools, and water projects, you can dramatically impact the life of one of these precious children.

  • A gift of $600 provides 8 Nepali children with the infrastructure needed for shelter, education, and clean water.
  • A gift of $1,200 provides 16 Nepali children with the infrastructure needed for shelter, education, and clean water.
  • A gift of $4,500 provides 60 Nepali children with the infrastructure needed for shelter, education, and clean water.

In many areas around Kathmandu, children have been staying in temporary shelters for weeks. Others are scattered around their communities under tents with their relatives, sleeping on nothing more than bits 
of bamboo and other scavenged materials. They haven’t been to school in weeks. They are overwhelmed by fear and plagued with emotional trauma. Any delay in the rebuilding process could be catastrophic. Unless we act now, an entire generation will remain crippled by the lingering effects of this disaster.

Nepal girl - World Help

These children can’t wait any longer for the world to begin to care. They have survived the earthquakes, but we have to give them something to live for.

Together, we can help give these precious little ones a reason to hope. By partnering with us to rebuild what the earthquakes have destroyed—homes, schools, water projects, and more—we can help lift Nepal’s most vulnerable out of the clutches of despair. We can show them in practical ways that God’s love is boundless and strong—the greatest comfort they will ever know.

Nepali girls - World Help

Let us refuse to do nothing. Let us refuse to watch another child fall into despair when we have the opportunity to intervene.

Please invest in the future of these incredible boys and girls. You’ll be making an eternal difference!


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