The Unifying Power of Clean Water

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The Unifying Power of Clean Water

Kirinda’s Story | Chapter Five

No one is ever prepared for tragedy.

But when it arrives unexpectedly at the doorsteps of those living on the fringes of society, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Joyce was 7 years old when her father took his own life. In only a matter of minutes, he left behind his wife and five children in a state of utter shock and confusion. There was no warning and certainly no explanation, only a barrage of painful and empty questions that stubbornly followed them day and night.

Uganda - World Help

The weight of providing for the family fell heavily on Joyce’s mother, driving her out into the village from morning to night in search of work. Joyce and her four siblings spent their days alone in a small hut without proper nutrition or basic medical care—it seemed their futures only extended as far as the four walls that surrounded them.

For Joyce and her family, the reality was painfully clear: they were on their own.

– – –

There is no room for unexpected tragedy in the village of Kirinda where extreme poverty and rampant disease confine each family to the sole task of survival; scarcity leaving little room for supportive communities to form.

While we know that poverty severely limits opportunity, ushers in sickness and disease, and holds communities prisoner to its oppressive and cyclic nature, one of its most damaging effects is often overlooked: isolation.

Clean Water for Uganda - World Help

Thriving communities form where basic needs are being met. And although we may not realize it, clean water is at the root of healthy communities, providing the means to go beyond basic survival to truly living . . . from isolation to enriching community.

Without access to clean water—the foundation of holistic health—the village of Kirinda, and others like it, are trapped in perpetual need: water-related illnesses abound, education systems are inefficient or nonexistent, local economy is stunted, and vital resources are scarce.

The reality is that a community can only be as healthy as the water that sustains it.

– – –

This World Water Day, we at World Help are dreaming of a new Kirinda . . . a life-giving, supportive community with a comprehensive water system, breathing life into every person and aspect of the village.

Water for Kirinda Uganda - World Help

Kirinda’s residents will no longer exhaust valuable time and energy hauling water each day with a clean-water well only minutes away. A piping system that provides points of access to crucial facilities—including a local school, health clinic, and evangelical church—will finally instill hope throughout the community. Agriculture workers will breathe sighs of relief in the dry season as an irrigation system will finally bring stability to the local farm.

This year, the World Help community is rallying together to bring the unifying power of clean water to the people of Kirinda. Watch this video to see how.

Watch Lifting Kirinda’s Burden | World Help from World Help on Vimeo.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in bringing clean water to Kirinda. How can your community make a difference this World Water Day?

Join us on World Water Day

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