The Word of God in ISIS Territory

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The Word of God in ISIS Territory

Christians living in Iraq continue to endure extreme hardship, unimaginable persecution, and tremendous suffering. Despite threats of torture, imprisonment, and even death, these courageous believers continually beg our partners for God’s Word. Not for guns . . . not safety and stability for their families . . . not for a plane ticket out of the country. They want their own copies of the Bible.

I believe there’s no better way to bring comfort and encouragement to a persecuted believer than by providing them with the Word of God.

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I met the Smunis family earlier this year when our team was in Iraq. All nine of them live in a tiny 12’ x 12’ room inside a dilapidated school building with 250 other Christian refugees in the town of Qaraquosh.

But the reason they are there is even worse.

ISIS swept through their village, bombing civilians and killing Christians. The chilling words, “Convert, pay, or die,” were blasted from loudspeakers stationed on every street corner.

As the family frantically prepared to flee, another wave of ISIS bombs struck. Risking their own lives, the Smunis’ remained in their community to help with the gruesome task of identifying the dead.

Hands. Fingers. Legs. Arms. Faces. They literally picked up pieces of their neighbor’s children and wrapped them carefully in plastic bags.

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The Smunis’ delivered bag after bag after bag, watching in utter horror as one by one mothers and fathers peered in, their faces contorting with the grief of recognition. Yes, that was the tiny hand of their baby girl. This was her tattered dress. A lock of her hair.

These were not just pieces of bodies. They were shattered dreams . . . destroyed innocence . . . the aftermath of pure evil.

I am begging you today to help me send as many copies of the Gospel as possible to the frontlines of the crisis and into the hands of our suffering brothers and sisters. Through sharing and redistribution, every dollar you give translates to a life touched by the hope of God’s Word.

  • $1,000 impacts 1,000 refugees with the Gospel
  • $500 impacts 500 refugees with the Gospel
  • $250 impacts 250 refugees with the Gospel
  • $100 impacts 100 refugees with the Gospel
  • $25 impacts 25 refugees with the Gospel

While World Help remains strongly committed to providing life-saving relief in the form of humanitarian aid, we know that without the Gospel, the Christian community here will struggle to survive.

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Villages overtaken by ISIS are the sites of routine book burnings where the precious pages of the Gospel and other Christian literature are consumed with fiery hatred. Those found in possession of Bibles or other contraband are often interrogated, beaten . . . or worse. But nothing—not even the despicable cruelty of ISIS—has been able to quench the thirst these believers have for Jesus Christ.

Our partners tell me that more people than ever before are becoming Christ followers during one of the most tumultuous times in modern history. Instead of denouncing Christianity, people are being drawn to it, obsessed with it, and are willing to die for it.

They are flooding into makeshift refugee churches, begging to be taught the Word of God. Even in the midst of extraordinary grief, multitudes are finding comfort and hope in the Gospel.

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Amira, a 65-year-old woman, watched her daughter die from a car-explosion in Baghdad.

I used to spend my time crying and I used to say that God does not exist, she told us. But after I started attending church and I met my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Bible has become such an important part of my life. It is my daily bread. My sadness has been turned into joy, and now I thank God for all the circumstances that I went through because through these circumstances God found me.

Another believer, 30-year-old Aban, explained how God’s Word radically transformed his life:

After Jesus Christ met me and saved me, I started reading the Bible every day—the book that I never thought to open. I started attending Bible studies and started to understand what God wants me to do with my life. My whole life has been changed.

I believe God’s hand of redemption is sweeping through the Middle East faster and more powerful than the armies of ISIS can ever attempt to go. He is moving. He is working. And He is asking Christians in the West to join Him.

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What would it look like if we could put God’s Word in the hand of every single Christ follower in ISIS territory? No enemy on earth can overcome that kind of power. No hatred can prevail against it. No army can defeat it!

The need is urgent! We cannot afford to ignore it. Please send your best gift today to help provide copies of the Bible to the persecuted church in the Middle East.

Help fight ISIS with the best weapon on earth . . . the Word of our God.

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