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Touching “untouchables” with the hope of God’s Word

  • February 21, 2018
Vernon Brewer

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For centuries, the Banchara community has been considered one of the lowest castes in India — they are referred to as “untouchable.”

Due to their extreme poverty, this community has never been able to break the chains of their cultural slavery. The oldest girl in each family is forced into the sex industry to pay for their brothers’ marriage dowries. For most, it will take decades to pay off the debt and some start as young as 12 years old.

While Banchara women are forced into sexual slavery, the men are often pushed into illegal activities. They see it as the only way to put food on the table. Without education or other career options, this caste is forced to remain in poverty and live hopeless lives.

This community that has been labeled as, “untouchable” needs to be touched with the love of Jesus Christ!

And for the first time in hundreds of years, the light of the Gospel is starting to pierce the spiritual darkness. A church has been planted in the Banchara community for the very first time … and the congregation members are begging for Bibles!

Ravi, a member of the Banchara community, was desperate for answers to life’s biggest questions. For years, he lived a life of sin, trapped in poverty and darkness. He and his family lived completely without hope.

But one day, Ravi met some believers who told him about Jesus. Until recently, no one in his community had ever even heard about Jesus. When Ravi learned that Jesus loves him, he received Christ as his Savior and began to attend the newly formed Banchara church.

While at church, Ravi learned many things about God’s love, but there is so much more he wants to know. He is desperate to read the Bible for himself.

“There are so many questions, which I have pondered for years,” Ravi said. “What is the will of God for my life? Why is the world so full of evil? How can I be loving to my own society? Meditating on the Word of God from the Bible will help me find out the answers to all my questions.”

Since the building of the local church, the Banchara community has become more open to the idea of hearing about Jesus Christ.

But they can’t learn more about Jesus without a copy of His Word.

The Banchara have been trapped in cultural and spiritual oppression for far too long. In fact, in the 1930s, people like the Banchara who were considered “untouchable” began calling themselves dalits, which literally means “oppressed.”

Can you imagine living life, never knowing that God loved you? This is the story they have been told for generations. But by sending Bibles into the Banchara community, you have the chance to share another story — the story of God’s love and the story of hope.

Our local partner explained why distributing more Bibles is such an urgent need:

“The Bible contains a life-changing message of freedom. Banchara people have lived like untouchables for the past 500 years. The Bible has liberated many from oppression by its clear teachings. It raises the dignity and rights of every human being ever born.”

The Bible teaches that every man and woman was created in the image of God — and loved deeply by Him. When you put the Good News in their hands, you can help break 500-year-old chains! 

For $5, you can give someone eternal hope by helping print, ship, and distribute God’s Word in the Banchara language. The Banchara community is a Bible desert — a place with little or no access to Scripture. But your gift will help flood it with the Living Water.

God’s Word is the only force strong enough to set the Banchara free. When you help send Bibles to India, you are sending spiritual freedom to new believers like Ravi and seekers who have never even heard of Jesus.

Please pray for the Banchara people, and please provide at least one Bible today!

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