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You have the power to transform an entire community

Are you looking for a way to get out of your comfort zone, experience global missions firsthand, and meet urgent needs for families living in poverty? Through Village Transformation, you can do all that and more. When you commit to transforming a village, you will be able to visit that community each year to see the changes you are making through your giving. You’ll also have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with local families face to face.

Watch the full length documentary

Watch the full length documentary

How it works

1) Identifying the needs. The first step to your church’s Village Transformation is identifying people’s most urgent needs

Some of the needs you may be able to meet include:

2) Visiting your village. Once you have begun raising funds for these urgent needs, your church will have the opportunity to help with construction and form connections with the people you are helping. Many churches also choose to do a Vacation Bible School for the local kids.

3) Sponsoring a child. Child sponsorship is one of the greatest ways to effect lasting change in a community. Your church members can sponsor kids in your village and meet them when you visit! And if some of your church members aren’t able to travel there themselves, sponsorship is a great way for them to form a personal connection to the community.

You have the power to change an entire community.

Village Transformation provides an opportunity for a hands-on, long-term community project with direct, on-the-ground personal involvement. In many cases, you can even travel to the village to help with construction and build a strong connection with the people you are helping.

Please consider how you can be a part of this effort to help save people’s lives, bring hope, and restore dignity to hurting individuals around the world.

You can transform a village in one of three ways:

  1. All at once – with a single, large gift
  2. Over a three-year period – with several smaller gifts
  3. A partial transformation – to meet some of the identified needs

You can build relationships that last a lifetime

Children are the future, so when you invest in their success, you help ensure lasting transformation in your village. By sponsoring a child for just $35 a month, you will provide essentials like school supplies, healthy food, and medical care. You can also build a relationship by writing to your sponsored child and even visiting him or her if you travel to the village. Many people say that sponsoring a child is their favorite part of the Village Transformation experience!

Browse children waiting for sponsorship

Sponsor a child

Sponsorship is one of the most powerful ways that you can help completely transform a child's life-physically, spiritually, and emotionally. But you may be surprised to discover how much your life will be changed as well. Learn More

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    “The Village Transformation project has been a great avenue for our church to share the love of Jesus Christ by addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of our village. This project has truly ignited a passion to reach not only the community in Guatemala but also the people where we live.”

    Dr. John Lloyd
    Pastor, Christ Community Church

    “Village Transformation really serves three purposes. It gives people the opportunity to see what missions is really about. It helps us connect with people from a foreign country like never before. Then, it’s an opportunity to share the Gospel and meet physical needs.”

    Craig Peters
    Associate Pastor, Maranatha Bible Church

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