Urgent: Double Your Impact in the Middle East!

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Urgent: Double Your Impact in the Middle East!

We have some urgent news to share with you.

As the bloody rampage by ISIS continues to exterminate minority groups—including thousands of Christians—in Syria and Iraq, millions of innocent lives hang precariously in the balance.

Hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes under the threat of death. Their only options: to pay a large tax, convert, or die.

Today, because of the generosity of two partnering churches, all gifts given toward refugee relief in the Middle East (up to $35,000) will be MATCHED, 100%. (Update: As of August 21, 2014, the matching fund had been met)

This means that every single dollar donated will have double the impact for those who are suffering unimaginable danger and loss.

Crisis in the Middle East - World Help

This is an extraordinary opportunity for churches to get involved in making an immediate difference for our brothers and sisters persevering during some of the most desperate times in recent history.

World Help has been working extensively in these war-torn communities since political uprisings in Syria sparked in 2011. Over the last two years, we have distributed life-saving provisions—food, water, medicine, hygiene supplies, heaters, cook stoves, blankets, and more—to refugees who were forced to leave everything behind. With your help, this work must continue.

Through this incredible matching-gift opportunity, and your partnership, we can help save thousands of lives in Jesus’ name.

Please consider sharing this giving option with your church, small group, or Sunday school class today. Every day that passes, more innocent people will die of hunger, disease, and exposure.

We can do something—right now, together—to help change this.

Please join us today in standing with Christ followers in the Middle East as we pray together for peace, forgiveness, and every opportunity to practice true compassion in action.

Every prayer counts. Every dollar matters. Let our love be loud.

Help Iraqi and Syrian Refugees

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