Water for Rwanda: A Fountain of Joy

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Water for Rwanda: A Fountain of Joy

When Rebecca Rodgers returned from her trip, something inside of her had shifted.

Lavished in the warmth of Rwandan hospitality, Rebecca found herself astonished by the supernatural joy which surged through them, even in the face of abject poverty and utter destitution.

The Rwandan people had next to nothing, yet somehow, they were rich beyond measure.

In only a matter of days, a love for the Rwandan people was planted deeply in Rebecca’s heart . . . the kind of love that comes only through the hand of God.

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“I was deeply moved by the women and children I met, especially those who have suffered greatly,” Rebecca said. “I know that what I had experienced needed to be shared, but I wasn’t sure what I could do to make an impact.”

Little did Rebecca know that God had already been working in her parents hearts with the solution: Provide a clean-water well.

“Looking back now, I can see God’s hand putting this desire on my parent’s hearts . . . the minute they shared it with my sisters and I, God prompted us to bring a deep-water well to Rwanda.”

It certainly was no small endeavor, but the Rodgers family knew their vision had been given to them from God . . . He would provide.

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To kick off their mycause campaign, the Rodgers decided to do their Christmas completely different last year.

“We took part of our joy—material gifts—and literally poured it into the effort to build a well. And we invited others to join in that effort with us,” Rebecca explained.

A small note was included in every Christmas card informing friends and family about their campaign. Using various social media outlets, they raised awareness of the need for clean water in Rwanda, asked for prayer throughout their fundraising process, and invited others to get involved.

But ultimately, it was their genuine passion for the people of Rwanda which made the greatest impact . . . it seemed that love itself was providing funds for their well.

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“God blessed us in the tenderness of our hearts for Rwanda and through a deeper understanding of the whole world that God loves,” Louann Rodgers said. “I remember one of our daughters saying, ‘My heart is so full’ . . . Sometimes words cannot truly express what God is doing within us.”

Even though the Rodgers were challenged in their faith throughout the fundraising journey, they found that each challenge was quickly followed up by a deeper experience of joy.

“God wants us to share all that He has given us—our resources, our heart for others, our creativity, our talents—everything!” Louann said. “Being used by God is a gift and sharing that together as a family has been joyful.”

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The Rodgers family saw their vision become a reality. By the end of their campaign, they had raised over $15,000—enough to provide the people they love so much with a deep bore well and a path to holistic transformation.

“Our hope is that this will reflect God’s overflowing blessings in a deeper way than we will ever know,” Louann said.  “This is for His purpose and His Glory.”

This year, you’re invited to dig deeper with us in some of the world’s most desperate places . . . to provide sustainable clean-water systems and change lives forever. Consider starting your own mycause campaign and experience a deeper sense of joy than you ever imagined.

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