What Choosing Life Really Means

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What Choosing Life Really Means

I have come that they might have life, and have it to full. – John 10:10

Less than a week ago, we celebrated the most powerful moment in human history—when our Rescuer overcame the throws of death and replaced it with the most precious gift possible: abundant life.

Through His resurrection, Christ’s Kingdom is coming to earth—death is being overcome by life—and we each play an invaluable role in the process.

To choose life is to fight for it.

Believing in the value of every human life is far more than an emotion or even a political stance; it is a conviction that should move us to action . . . a love that should drive us to reach out and snatch vulnerable lives from death’s grip.

To choose life is to save lives.

And so today, we want to take a moment to celebrate just a few of the lives you have helped save by choosing to join the rescue. 

Operation Baby Rescue 1

Ana’s mother had already lost four children to starvation and she wasn’t about to lose Ana too. When she finally reached the Rescue Center, Ana was in such excruciating pain she couldn’t even be touched. The severity of her condition caused her body to swell to nearly twice its normal size and her skin to dry out and crack open over her entire body. At seven years old, Ana weighed only 31lbs.

But after three months of medical attention at the Rescue Center, Ana has returned to her village as a joyful and healthy little girl. Her skin has returned to normal and she continues to slowly and steadily reach a healthier body weight. Ana will return to the medical center periodically to ensure she continues to make progress.

Operation Baby Rescue 2

Luis was seven months old when his father walked out on the family. With nowhere else to turn, his mother moved back to her parent’s dilapidated village where they were forced to live on tortilla and salt alone. In less than a month, Luis began to turn alarmingly pale and every bone in his tiny frame became visible beneath his skin.

After a month of treatment at the Rescue center, Luis was healthy enough to return home to his village where he is now known for his heart-melting smile. He will continue to visit the treatment center for regular evaluations and will have a steady supply of multi-vitamins and milk-based formula to ensure he receives proper nourishment.

Operation Baby Rescue 3

Lury was born into a rural Guatemalan village where he very quickly began to develop signs of malnutrition. By the time he was two months old, he developed a severe skin condition that made any contact to his skin unbearably painful. With no access to medical care or basic nutrition, Lury’s parents watched in horror as their son’s condition continued to visibly worsen.

When staff at the Rescue Center heard about Lury’s condition, they made an emergency trip to his rural village and brought him to the medical center. After a month of treatment, Lury’s skin condition had vanished and he has reached a healthy body weight. Lury is now stable enough to return to his family but will continue to receive outpatient treatment and visit the Rescue Center for regular medical exams.

Operation Baby Rescue 4

At nearly six years old, Rudy barely weighed 23 lbs. Living in extreme poverty made his chances for survival slim to begin with, but because he also suffered from physical and intellectual disabilities, it seemed next to impossible. Rudy’s parents worked tirelessly to meet his many needs, but poverty continually thwarted their efforts. As a result, Rudy grew increasingly malnourished every day.

Rudy’s body was on the brink of shutting down when the Rescue team arrived. He was rushed to the Rescue Center where he received immediate treatment for severe malnutrition. After several weeks of medical attention, Rudy’s condition had stabilized and he began physiotherapy treatments to help overcome his movement disorder. Today, he has returned home where he continues to receive regular check-ups and physiotherapy treatment.

Each of these precious children has an invaluable role to play in God’s Kingdom, and because of you, they will now have a chance to fulfill it.

Choosing to join the Rescue is doing far more than saving lives . . . it’s reversing the work of darkness through the light that became ours at the resurrection of our Savior . . . it is co-laboring with our King as He transforms death into abundant life.

Will you fight for life with us?


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